Kailyn Lowry's Amazing Body Slimdown: From Post-Baby to Hot Mama!

Lauren Brown | May 27, 2015 TV
Kailyn Lowry's Amazing Body Slimdown: From Post-Baby to Hot Mama!

Kailyn Lowry

One of the many things to admire about Kailyn Lowry is how honest she's been about her struggles with her weight and what she describes as an "addiction to food." And being in the public eye with tons of "fans" criticizing her body (along with everything else) certainly doesn't help. Sometimes life has a way of waking people up, and when it came to her health, certainly Kailyn got the motivation she needed. After the birth of Lincoln, her second son, in November of 2013, Kailyn got really serious about kicking her bad habits and started working out in an effort to become strong and healthy. Now she looks like an entirely different mama. And we couldn't applaud her more -- get it, Kailyn! 

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Being on a reality show, the Teen Mom stars are always open about every struggle such as their boyfriends, parents, and even their own insecurities with their weight. Kailyn, in particular, has been open about her desire to lose weight and has been documenting her progress on her weight-loss journey on Instagram. From baby bump to the after-baby body she's working hard for at the gym, this girl has been putting in the work to make herself a body she's proud of. Kailyn's transformation is inspiring to everyone because it can be hard to bounce back after giving birth -- reality show star or not. So people can't knock this young woman for wanting to put in the effort to make a change. Take a look at Kailyn's amazing transformation, which is an inspiration to all! 


Image via kaillowry/Instagram

  • Beautiful Baby Bump


    Image via kaillowry/Instagram

    At the end of her pregnancy with Lincoln, Kailyn headed to the beach for a maternity shoot to document her beautiful bump.

  • Back to Work!


    Image via kaillowry/Instagram

    Shortly after Lincoln was born, Kailyn was back in front of the cameras filming a new season of Teen Mom 2. It's hard not to notice the lack of confidence on her face.

  • Family Photo at the 'Teen Mom 2' Reunion


    Image via kaillowry/Instagram

    Kailyn appeared happy, pictured here with husband Javi and son Lincoln, at the Teen Mom 2 reunion taping in February 2014 -- just 3 months postpartum.

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  • Happy Mother's Day 2014


    Image via kaillowry/Instagram

    She may have been all smiles on Mother's Day 2014, but Kailyn was still reluctant to show off more of her post-baby body and used a scarf to cover up.

  • Celebrating the 4th of July


    Image via kaillowry/Instagram

    Kailyn celebrated the 4th of July in 2014 with an old friend, and dared to show off her legs, which were clearly starting to look more toned.

  • Family Time in September 2014


    Image via kaillowry/Instagram

    At a family get together to say goodbye her sister-in-law before she moved away, Kailyn started to wear clothes that were more form fitting. She showed off her legs once again, and definitely appeared more comfortable in her own skin.

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  • Happy Thanksgiving 2014


    Image via kaillowry/Instagram

    Kail took a mirror selfie over Thanksgiving of 2014, and she had a thinner face, though it was tough to see her body under that bulky sweater!

  • Before & After


    Image via kaillowry/Instagram

    Kailyn posted this "before and after" photo in January with the caption, "First week of October on the left and last week on the right. Nothing is harder than getting my eating habits down. It's been a long and slow process. Still trying to kick my addiction to food but working on it, and working out, nonetheless." We are impressed!

  • Hitting the Gym


    Image via kaillowry/Instagram

    Kailyn showed us how far she had come with this awesome backside photo of her getting her sweat on at the gym in February. Girl has some serious muscles!

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  • Confident Selfie


    Image via kaillowry/Instagram

    Looking slim in a mirror selfie on International Women's Day, Kailyn celebrated with the caption, "Today and every day, remember to be strong, love yourself, and follow your dreams." Words to live by!

  • Happily Married


    Image via kaillowry/Instagram

    Kailyn looked great and appeared to be very happy with Javi, despite rumors that their marriage was on the rocks!

  • Looking Svelte


    Image via kaillowry/Instagram

    Look at how great Kailyn looks in those jeans! She proudly flaunted her toned arms at a tattoo convention in March 2015!

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  • Getting "Waisted"


    Image via kaillowry/Instagram

    Kailyn hopped on the waist training bandwagon in April. It's all the rage these days, especially among reality stars!

  • Kailyn does Jujitsu


    Image via kaillowry/Instagram

    It's not all about weight lifting and waist training. Kailyn also stays in shape with Jujitsu classes, which she obviously loves!

  • Memorial Day Weekend hottie!


    Image via kaillowry/Instagram

    At the beach with a friend over Memorial Day, Kailyn looked thin, toned and most importantly, glowing with happiness and confidence!

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