13 Most Outrageous Teen Mom Fights

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On camera, off camera or even on social media -- the fighting and feuding that goes on with the Teen Mom universe is never ending. While the girls are notorious for arguing with their baby daddies and boyfriends -- they also duke it out with each other (and even the guys will start fights with other cast members too.)


Some tiffs are silly, while others are downright terrifying. Sure, reality TV and drama pretty much go hand in hand, but when it comes to the casts of these shows? We're fairly certain that most of the time, they aren't acting when it comes to duking it out with the people they loathe.

Oddly enough, the stars of the shows cannot seem to get along with each other at all. You'd think being in the same boat and having so much in common would make them all the best of friends, but clearly that's not the case! We're taking a look back at some of the craziest right here! Well, the craziest to date, that is. Something tells us the feuding will never stop, even long after MTV decides to stop running the series.



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