'Teen Mom OG' Finale Recap: Maci Bookout Takes Next Major Step With Taylor

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It's been a season full of baby daddy drama, arguments among the cast, and plenty of new beginnings. And for Maci Bookout, the last episode of the season featured a brand new -- and major -- step with boyfriend Taylor McKinney.


If you were hoping for an engagement, you may have been mildly disappointed, but Bentley's mom, who is currently pregnant with a baby girl, did commit even further to Taylor. The duo just purchased, and moved into, their first home together.

But it didn't end there. Cameras followed Taylor as he started the next big journey: ring shopping. That's right. We may not have caught an engagement on-camera -- and Taylor's sly move was one big tease -- but it's clear that it's coming up very soon. And we can't wait to finally see it happen.

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Meanwhile, Farrah Abraham had a little boyfriend drama of her own. Her mom met her boyfriend Simon a couple weeks back, but tonight featured another big moment: Simon finally met Sophia. But it did not go as smoothly as Farrah had hoped.

Simon, who has never dated a woman with a child before, did not seem prepared to handle a hyper 6 year old, which prompted a very serious discussion. Farrah says she doesn't even want to wait one year before their engagement, while Simon says ... nothing. On his way back to the airport, he and Farrah get into an argument about his reaction and they did not end on the best terms.

Over in Michigan, Catelynn and Tyler continue with parenting their baby girl, Nova. Catelynn has decided to stop breastfeeding because their travel is interrupting her nursing schedule, and even on this episode, the couple flies to Los Angeles to appear on The Doctors.

While they're gone, Catelynn's mom, April, babysits Nova, which is a brand new move for the family. The now-sober grandma spends the few days with Nova while Catelynn and Tyler find out that Carly will actually not appear on the Teen Mom OG reunion show as they had planned. Sadly, it looks like their next reunion is a long way away.

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Finally, for Amber Portwood, new boyfriend and baby daddy chaos is imploding. Gary and Amber argue over how to care for a sick Leah, who comes down with a temperature during school. Like we've seen in the past, the couple disagrees about her need to go to a doctor, and Amber finally decides that she will file for joint custody.

But as for her boyfriend, the future doesn't look exceptionally bright. Amber's own brother encourages her to slow down with the relationship, and Gary has reservations about their engagement after finding out that Matt was once a Teen Mom superfan. So their status? Definitely under question.

But as for all their progress, we'll have to stay tuned to the Dr. Drew reunion special to see how the ladies have fared since the show's cameras stopped rolling. And, as always, it should be a perfect storm.

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