State Trooper Who Let Josh Duggar Go Is Serving Prison Sentence for Child Pornography

duggar familyOh this Duggar sexual molestation story -- it just gets worse as details trickle in. The latest is especially galling. That state trooper who let Josh Duggar off with just a stern talking-to? Well, Joseph T. Hutchens is in prison on child pornography charges. As a re-offender.


Back in 2005 when Jim Bob caught Josh leaving a girl's bedroom and found out something "inappropriate" (!!!) happened he turned his son in to the Arkansas State Police. Trooper Hutchens was required by law to follow up by investigating, possibly entering charges, putting it on record, officially. You know, doing his job. Instead, Hutchens supposedly talked with Josh and let him off.

And then in 2007 Hutchens was convicted of child pornography charges and sent to jail.

And THEN! After he was let out on parole in 2010 Hutchens was charged on four counts of distribution, possession, or viewing of sexually explicit material involving a child. He is currently serving a 60-year sentence.

What are the odds that the state trooper you turn your child-molesting teen over to is himself a fan of child pornography? No wonder Hutchens didn't report the kid. He was probably deeply in denial about his own problem, especially since he hadn't gotten caught, yet.

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What's scary is that Hutchens is a repeat offender. And he was just into porn. Josh was actually molesting children. How many times has he repeated his actions? Is anybody else concerned that Josh has a daughter -- with another daughter on the way? And that he never got "real" treatment for his disorder? 

This is not a problem you get over through prayer and willpower.

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I sincerely hope this entire family gets help. Real, professional help. I hope the victims get to talk with a therapist to heal. I hope Josh, especially gets actual treatment. I hope his wife, Anna, wakes up and puts her children first, above protecting her husband, and ensures their safety.

What are your hopes for Josh and Anna's children? What do you think should happen next?


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