Farrah Abraham's Future Plan for Her Family Is a Disaster in the Making

Farrah Abraham already has a ton on her plate, juggling single motherhood, a multi-faceted career including writing erotic novels and peddling sex toys, and spending time with her boyfriend Simon Saran, but there's one more thing she wants to do, and soon. Farrah wants to have another baby.


Oyza. In a recent interview, the Teen Mom OG star admitted that she wants more children, but wants to wait until she has "lived life more." Apparently that sage old age of having lived is 25 in Farrah's book. Girlfriend will be 24 on May 31.

She said that Simon Saran has been a "great father figure" to her 6-year-old daughter Sophia, so presumably she's already talked to him about having a child of his very own? I mean, they have been dating for about six months now, and Sophia did see them kissing naked, so you know.

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We know Sophia would be a great big sister, but we question Farrah's desire to procreate again. Obviously, she makes adorable babies, but is bringing another one into her life really the best idea? Her relationship with her mom Debra is still strained, and even though she says she's happy with Simon right now, six months together is hardly long enough to commit to a child together.

Plus she's just so dang busy, what with her reality show, nightclub appearances, line of sex toys, and her aspirations to become one of the world's top plastic surgeons ... when would she find the time to change diapers? Not to mention everything else that comes with having a baby?

We're not saying that we wouldn't wish Farrah the best should she decide to have another baby soon ... we just don't think it's a good idea for her to try for one right now.

Do you think Farrah Abraham should have another baby?


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