ABC's Next 'Bachelor' Might Be Someone We Know All Too Well

Bachelorette suitors

What the what?!? Um, the season premiere of The Bachelorette just kicked off this past Monday night, and already, there are rumors swirling about who might nab the spot of the next Bachelor -- and his identity just might surprise you. (No, it's not king of the drunks, Ryan McDill. Shocker.)


Typically one of the castoffs from The Bachelorette goes on to be the star of the show, but supposedly new Reality Steve spoilers indicate that Josh Murray is in talks to be the new Bachelor, and he has a pretty decent shot at landing the job.

Josh Murray

Yes, that Josh Murray. As in Andi Dorfman's ex-fiancé. As in the dude who flat-out said he didn't miss her after their engagement was called off, in an effort to make her feel like sh** on the bottom of his shoe, or whatever.

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And while he certainly has all the makings of a pretty entertaining Bachelor, what with the fact that he's good looking, confident, and has been through the process before and knows how things work, ABC certainly isn't going to win any new fans by bringing back somebody who already got a fair shot at finding lasting love on TV.

It's one thing when a former contestant comes back as The Bachelor or The Bachelorette after getting dumped, but when they've already been the "winner" of the show? Should they really be given a second chance over someone who is much more deserving?

Oh wait, my bad. It's all about the ratings, and the best way to get ratings is to have as much drama as possible starting on night one ... so ...

Would you want to see Josh as The Bachelor?


Images via bacheloretteabc/Instagram; joshmurray11/Instagram

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