Chris Soules' Latest Response to Breakup Rumors Is Clearly the Last Straw (PHOTO)

Chris Soules Whitney Bischoff

For weeks on end, we've been scratching our heads over whether or not Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff are still together, well, because it was hard to tell what is truly going on between them given the scope of the rumors.


One minute they couldn't get enough of each other and were shopping for a reality TV show about life on the farm. Then Whitney mysteriously disappeared from the Dancing With the Stars audience, and everyone immediately assumed she and Chris had decided to go their separate ways.

But then she turned up on the farm in Arlington looking all lovey-dovey with him, so we figured they were back together. Oh, and then she shared something about "staying classy" on Instagram, which made us think a split was coming once again.

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And now, in what has to be a move to clarify the status of their relationship once and for all, Chris shared the following pic on Instagram:

Post-show pic with the fam. I truly am the world's luckiest guy. Love you @whitb624

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Aww. They're together. And in love. And they're even hanging out with his parents. Sooooo ... isn't this enough to shut up the doubters once and for all?

Maybe, maybe not. Unfortunately, given the fact that they're a high profile couple combined with the track record of past Bachelor duos, we probably won't stop second guessing their relationship until a.) a wedding date is announced, or b.) Whitney packs up and moves to Iowa, proving once and for all that the two of them are ready to settle down and start a life together.

Although ... Chris and Whit really do appear happier in that shot than they have in a long time, so maybe a little time apart was exactly what they needed to remind them of how much they adore each other? The whole "absence makes the heart grow fonder" thing definitely rings true sometimes, so maybe their little break sealed the deal on their future together once and for all.

For their sake, let's hope so. It couldn't hurt to see another reality TV couple get their happy ending!

Do you think Chris and Whitney will make it?


Image via souleschris/Instagram

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