Farrah Abraham's 15 Most Jaw-Dropping, 'We Can't Believe She Did That' Moments!

Lauren Brown | May 26, 2015 TV

Farrah Abraham

I think we can all agree that Farrah Abraham has gone from 16 and Pregnant to the queen of publicity stunts. She knows how to leave us in shock and awe with her crazy antics, which range from starring in X-rated movies, to denying DUIs, to feuding with anyone who crosses her path -- especially her Teen Mom costars! No one is safe when Farrah gets an idea in her head. 

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Let's be honest, though -- Farrah might be kind of a train wreck, but she sure does provide us with a good dose of pure entertainment with pretty much every move she makes. From her sex tape, her crazy fights with her costars, the risqué clothes she wears (or doesn't wear, as it seems), and even the sometimes inappropriate things that come out of her mouth -- we are having a hard time keeping up with this sexy mama. And while Farrah does have her fans, there seems to be tons of people who love to hate her, and she does seem to make it easy for people to have heated reactions to her. We can't say we always agree with Farrah, but at least we're never bored! 

Check out 15 of her most outrageous moments that made us say, "We can't believe she actually did that!"

What do we think is the craziest thing Farrah has ever done?


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  • Farrah stars in the adult film, 'Backdoor Teen Mom'


    Farrah Abraham

    Even though Farrah loves to deny that she's an "X-rated film star" -- the proof lies in the trailer for Vivid Entertainment's (the pornography distribution kings) Backdoor Teen Mom. Her co-star was none other than James Deen, and the movie features way, way more of Farrah than we ever thought would would see. WAY. MORE.

  • Farrah launches sex toys molded after her own lady parts!


    Image via farrahabrahamofficial/Instagram

    While it probably wasn't the biggest shock that Farrah used the attention she garnered from Backdoor Teen Mom to launch a sex toy line -- it was jaw dropping that she molded her lady parts into sex dolls as a significant part of the deal. We're still shuddering just thinking about it. (She sold her vagina, as Catelynn Lowell so eloquently put it.)

  • DUI drama!


    Image via Farrahabrahamofficial/Instagram

    Back in March of 2013, Farrah was arrested for a DUI. While that's terrible and shocking in of itself -- leave it to Farrah to create even more drama around it. Let's see, first she claimed she was not drunk but actually sick and that's why she blew twice the legal limit in a breathalyzer test. Then just a few days later she posted a picture of herself drinking mimosas with her family with the caption, "yes, we drink!" And shortly after that, Farrah suddenly was pleading guilty to the crime she swears she did not commit in a plea deal that would leave her with no jail time. Lucky girl!

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  • She was in and out of rehab ...


    Image via Twitter

    In 2013, Farrah checked into rehab not because she was addicted to anything, but because she "wanted to be a better person." It was reported that she left early and was extremely abusive to the staff. Then Farrah checked into a different rehab and left early AGAIN. Farrah remains adamant that she entered rehab sober both times and never needed treatment, which is why she left. To that we say - nice try with the failed publicity stunt!

  • Farrah made out with a girl!


    Image via Twitter

    After the release of Backdoor Teen Mom and Farrah's DUI arrest, she really wanted the world to know that she was a good, innocent girl. She may have come remotely close to succeeding, that is until photos surfaced of her partying in a club in Omaha -- clad in lingerie and making out with another girl while chugging champagne right out of the bottle! The picture of innocence ...

  • Farrah shames Catelynn Lowell ... for getting pregnant!


    Image via catelynnmtv/Instagram

    There is very little you can say about Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell's relationship that is negative. When they announced they were expecting a baby, everyone was thrilled for them! Except for Farrah who went after them in an interview and claimed to be "sad" over their "poor choices." Don't worry, Catelynn and Tyler immediately went to Twitter to laugh at Farrah's definition of "poor choices" when she was the one with a sex tape! And Farrah, Catelynn and Tyler finally reached a truce by appearing on Couples Therapy together!

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  • Farrah announces a Christian-based parenting book ...


    Image via Amazon

    After the success of Farrah's autobiography, My Teenage Dream Ended, she decided it was time to pen her next book. Actually, pen her next THREE books. Last year Farrah announced plans to write a CHRISTIAN parenting book, and if that wasn't insane enough -- the book was part of a trilogy that would include an erotic sex novel. Because you know, that's just what every parent needs!

  • Farrah was fired then rehired for 'Teen Mom' OG


    Image via Twitter

    Leave it to Farrah to originally be left out of the Teen Mom OG series because of all her antics -- mainly an X-rated movie and sex toy line -- only to be invited back at the last minute -- where she entered the show with a bang. Immediately we saw her get all defensive with the producers, which didn't make filming pleasant for anyone. You have to wonder if MTV regretted asking her back the minute filming began!

  • The lip injection emergency from hell!


    Image via Twitter

    Farrah hasn't shied away from plastic surgery -- we all know she's had a boob job and more. But in January she went so overboard with the lip injections that she ended up in the emergency room!

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  • Farrah launces epic feud with Maci Bookout that just won't end!


    Image via macideshanebookout/Instagram

    It was no secret that Farrah wasn't originally invited back to appear on Teen Mom OG, and when she was asked back mid-season, Maci Bookout threatened to quit the show. Maci didn't want her son Bentley on a show with someone like Farrah. (Um, can you blame her?) After a major meltdown was caught on camera, Maci agreed to stay on as long as Bentley was no longer filmed. Farrah found all this out while on a press trip in New York with her castmates and did not hold back from going off on Maci with the cameras there to catch it all. And the feud still rages on Twitter!

  • Farrah slams stay-at-home moms!


    Image via MTV

    Farrah wonders why the other Teen Moms can't stand her and well, an interview she gave to Yahoo pretty much says it all. Farrah essentially slammed her co-stars and all stay at home moms by saying, "I am very happy that I pushed myself to be more than that individual who I was growing up to be. I only wish others who watch us push ourselves to be more than staying in their hometown and having kids. That's lovely, but there's much more to life than that."

  • Farrah creates her own blow-up doll!


    Image via Twitter

    So you know how Farrah has a line of sex toys and even used her very own vagina as a mold? Well, if you didn't think she could ever top that, guess again! She proudly came out with her very own blow up doll that looks just like her -- working lips and all. Keeping it classy!

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  • Farrah graces cover of creepiest magazine ever!


    Image via Twitter

    While booking a magazine cover is the pinnacle for every celebrity, usually they aim more for a fashion magazine or even a good old fashioned tabloid. But leave it to Farrah to find a magazine so bizarre and so out there, it's hard to believe it's real. Yes, Farrah booked the cover of Girls and Corpses magazine . . . reminding the world that there is a fetish for literally everything.

  • Farrah shares photo of boyfriend ... groping her!


    Image via FarrahAbrahamOfficial/Instagram

    We are happy for Farrah that she finally has a boyfriend who seems super into her and really is in it for the long haul. We've watched a little of her relationship with Simon Saran play out on Teen Mom OG and from what we've seen -- all seems to be going great! But we don't need to see EVERYTHING like this picture Farrah posted on Instagram of Simon blatantly groping her . . . not necessary at all!

  • Farrah's daughter catches her engaging in inappropriate behavior ...


    Image via farrahabrahamofficial/Instagram

    Well, if you're going to be an adult film star, you take the risk of your child finding out. As demonstrated on a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, Sophia happily announced that "Mama has a boyfriend and they kissed in bed. Mama was naked ..." because she saw a picture of it! Farrah actually blamed Sophia for being naughty and looking through her phone when she wasn't supposed to. Uh, WHAT!? There is no excuse for any child knowing anything about your activities in the bedroom -- except for sleeping -- ever!

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