Farrah Abraham's 15 Most Jaw-Dropping, 'We Can't Believe She Did That' Moments!

Farrah Abraham

I think we can all agree that Farrah Abraham has gone from 16 and Pregnant to the queen of publicity stunts. She knows how to leave us in shock and awe with her crazy antics, which range from starring in X-rated movies, to denying DUIs, to feuding with anyone who crosses her path -- especially her Teen Mom costars! No one is safe when Farrah gets an idea in her head. 


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Let's be honest, though -- Farrah might be kind of a train wreck, but she sure does provide us with a good dose of pure entertainment with pretty much every move she makes. From her sex tape, her crazy fights with her costars, the risqué clothes she wears (or doesn't wear, as it seems), and even the sometimes inappropriate things that come out of her mouth -- we are having a hard time keeping up with this sexy mama. And while Farrah does have her fans, there seems to be tons of people who love to hate her, and she does seem to make it easy for people to have heated reactions to her. We can't say we always agree with Farrah, but at least we're never bored! 

Check out 15 of her most outrageous moments that made us say, "We can't believe she actually did that!"

What do we think is the craziest thing Farrah has ever done?


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