'Bachelorette' Drunk Ryan McDill Is the Ex-Boyfriend of a 'Bachelor' Star -- Huh?!?

Ryan McDill

Man. Out of all of the drunk dudes who have ever showed up at The Bachlorette mansion in the history of the show, by far, Ryan McDill takes the cake for the king of total ridiculousness. If yelling, "you suck" at the other incoming men wasn't bad enough, we couldn't help but cringe when he grabbed Kaitlyn Bristowe's butt, which wound up sealing his fate and getting him kicked out of the house.


And it's pretty safe to say that now that a good chunk of America has seen what a major d-bag he is, the odds of him ever finding someone to settle down with are slim to none.

But get this one -- going on The Bachelorette wasn't his first time romancing a lady from the show. Um, would you believe that Ryan is Nikki Ferrell's ex-boyfriend?!?

Nikki Ferrell

OMG! We'd heard rumors about her ex being on the show a few months back, but we had no idea her old flame would wind up being the most obnoxious guy in the cast!

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Damn. She had to have had more than a few laughs if she tuned in for the premiere last night. She probably feels like she dodged a major bullet, which definitely isn't the first time for her. Um, no offense to Nikki, but her taste in men isn't exactly the best. Between Ryan McDrunk and Juan Pablo Get-a-life, it's about time she finally started dating a dude with at least one ounce of decency in his body. Can't a gal catch a break already?

Are you surprised that Ryan dated Nikki?


Image via ryan_mcdill/Instagram; nikki_ferrell/Instagram

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