'Bachelorette' Premiere Recap: Kaitlyn & Britt's First Night Leaves Big Question Unanswered

Kailyn Bristowe Britt Nilsson

In the history of any season of The Bachelorette, it's pretty safe to say that tonight's premiere was the most ... uncomfortable? I mean, given the fact that the show kicked off with both Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson vying for the votes of the 25 dudes in the house so one of them can continue on as the sole Bachelorette, tensions were high, to say the least.


But damn, did ABC do a good job of lightening the mood with the pure level of WTF? these dudes bring to the table?

How about "Love Man?" I don't know what made me laugh harder, when he said he was still single because he's a guy who "knows what he wants," or when he ripped open his t-shirt. Either way, something tells me Love Man is going to have a new title by the end of this thing.

And don't even get me started on Tony, the guy who kissed his plants before leaving the house. Don't get me wrong, I dig a sensitive, caring side and all, but he's so "zen," I looked away from the TV for a minute and thought I was listening to a pharmaceutical commercial instead of The Bachelorette.

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Oh, and what's up with the drunk dude? Ryan M? Gah. I know every season has one, but it was hard not to laugh out loud when he yelled, "That car sucks!" as Shawn (the amateur sex coach) pulled up in the hot tub car. But then again, he totally took things too far when he went and grabbed Kaitlyn's butt -- though we saw that move coming from a mile away. Drunk guy + hot chick = a** squeeze. The end.

Of course, the whole point of this premiere was to find out who would actually wind up being The Bachelorette, so it wasn't exactly shocking when Chris Harrison announced a vote was about to happen -- although it took the whole episode to finally get to an announcement.

Or so we thought. Duh. This is a two-night premiere, so we won't officially get the big news as far as whether it's Britt or Kaitlyn until tomorrow night. (Unless you've read the spoilers, that is.)

The guys seem pretty divided at this point, so it really does appear as thought it could go either way!

Stay tuned!

Who are you hoping for? Britt, or Kaitlyn?


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