'Teen Mom OG' Recap: Amber Portwood's Scary Fight With Her Boyfriend Has Us Worried

Oh boy. Tonight's episode of Teen Mom OG raised a pretty big red flag for Amber Portwood's boyfriend Matt Baier. The couple took a trip to Vegas together, and while the trip started out well, they wound up in an argument that ended in violence.


While out to dinner in Las Vegas, Amber had an anxiety attack over people in the restaurant looking at them. Matt claimed that it was because the cameras were there, and she becomes a different person when they're shooting, but Amber insisted it was just because her regular anxiety of being around other people.

They seem to get it somewhat resolved, and the camera crew retired for the night, but then Amber called them back in -- because Matt had bloodied his knuckles punching the wall! Even though he didn't lay a finger on Amber, the violent behavior was still really scary.

Despite the altercation, Amber and Matt went to a psychic the next day to try and determine the fate of their relationship. They both end up talking about how they're afraid for the future (welcome to being human), and the engagement is still on.

Meanwhile, Maci Bookout and Bentley got into a fairly serious car accident. She got clipped on the highway, and her SUV ended up rolling three times before it settled upside down. Miraculously, they both walked away from it with a few bruises thanks to their seat belts.

Since Bentley's dad Ryan Edwards had been in a wreck about a month before Maci's, she decided that she needed to talk with him about keeping Bentley safely restrained in the car. So Maci and Ryan sat down (along with their significant others Taylor McKinney and Shelby Woods) to discuss it, and Ryan admitted that he doesn't always use Bentley's car seat.

Maci told him he had to, obviously, but Ryan said he wasn't in a car seat when he was Bentley's age, and he turned out fine. Well, that's sort of debatable, but it probably doesn't have to do with the car seat laws of the 80s and 90s.

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Farrah Abraham continued to be Farrah Abraham, making a mad drama out of everything in her life. Her mom Debra wants to go into business with her to market her pepper sauce, but Farrah basically lectures her and tells her she's doing everything wrong.

And then poor Catelynn Lowell! Just two months out from the birth of baby Novalee, Cate is struggling with her weight. She gained 60 pounds during her pregnancy, and has only lost 20 so far. To add to the pressure -- her wedding is only seven months away, and her wedding dress she bought two years ago is not even close to fitting.

Her fiance Tyler Baltierra tried to be encouraging, but all it did was make Catelynn feel like she was being picked on. We feel your pain, Cate! Men always think they're being so helpful "encouraging" us to go to the gym. Thankfully, she opens up to him about it, and he apologizes and asks how he can help her. And in the end, he says he doesn't care, and "You're going to be beautiful no matter what." We knew we loved that man.

Do you think Amber should be worried about Matt's violent behavior?


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