Andi Dorfman's Date With Chris Harrison Has Us Scratching Our Heads (PHOTO)

Andi Dorfman Chris Harrison

We probably shouldn't jump to conclusions or read more into this than meets the eye, but you guys? Andi Dorfman shared a photo to Twitter where she's sitting at the dinner table having a little wine and looking pretty darn cozy with none other than Bachelorette host Chris Harrison.


Oh, and did I mention that she even admitted the two of them were having a "date night," whatever the heck that means?

Yep. Check out the pic and see if you think they look like nothing more than business associates, or whatever.

Dude. One of two things is going on here. Either Andi and Chris were simply sharing a meal as old pals and posed for this shot because they knew they'd set the rumor mill ablaze, or there is actually something romantic going on between them, which honestly wouldn't be that much of a shocker.

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Duh. For starters, they're both currently unattached (as far as we know.) They also run with the same crowd, are both super attractive, and ... OMG -- is there really a chance that they might be the next couple to come out of Bachelor nation?

Hmm. Maybe, maybe not. Before sharing the photo, Andi kicked things off with this tweet, where she clearly indicated that she's a "single girl."

But if this was really a "family" dinner, where in the hell is the rest of the family? By the looks of it, Chris and Andi appear to be alone at that table, though it's possible they were joined by someone else, who might be taking the picture. Or maybe a waiter took it?

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Whatever. Regardless of who took the pic or whether or not Andi and Chris have suddenly become more than just buddies, they certainly succeeded at casting themselves back into the spotlight. Huh. Seems kind of interesting that their little "date" happened right before the premiere of the new Bachelorette season, doesn't it? Hey, whatever helps ratings, right?

Do you think Andi and Chris are dating?


Image via andi_dorfman/Instagram

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