Amber Portwood's Dramatic Body Transformation: From Baby Bump to Crazy Thin

Lauren Brown | May 19, 2015 TV
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Amber Portwood
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It's crazy how much Amber Portwood's life has changed since we first met her back in 2009 on MTV's 16 and Pregnant. From her tumultuous relationship with Gary Shirley, to her shocking prison sentence and custody battle over her daughter Leah, to her relationship with ex-fiancé Matt Baier (and now her new flame, Andrew Glennon), she's certainly come a long way! And one thing that's transformed even more is her body. 

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Amber has never shied away from sharing her struggles with losing weight and staying in shape. After her last successful weight loss, she even took to Twitter to announce that she had undergone skin removal surgery after her extreme weight loss. 

The mom and MTV reality star is now a fan of healthy eating and MMA training, and her hard work has certainly paid off! We're so impressed with Amber and her long and well-earned success that we wanted to take a look back at all the dips and highs of her incredible fitness and weight loss journey. 

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  • We First Met Amber on '16 and Pregnant'


    Image via MTV

    In 2008, we met Amber as a pregnant 16-year-old who was unsure and insecure about everything, including her ever changing body.

  • Looking Good at Leah's First Birthday Party


    Image via MTV

    One year later (in 2009) on season one of Teen Mom, Amber lost most of her baby weight as she adjusted to motherhood. She's pictured here at Leah's first birthday party.

  • Still Slender on 'Teen Mom' Season 2


    Image via MTV

    Due to a heavy regimen of working out and eating right, Amber whittled down her waistline on season two of Teen Mom in 2010.

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  • Down 65 Pounds in 2010


    Image via MTV

    Amber wound up putting a decent amount of weight back on after the second season, but in 2010, she proudly showed off a 65 pound weight loss thanks to giving up sweets and doing cardio workouts four times a week.

  • A Harsh Reality While in Prison


    Image via MTV

    In 2012, Amber enters prison after a tumultuous few years in and out of rehab. She sat down with Dr. Drew for an interview "behind bars" and admits this was not a healthy time for her on the inside or outside.

  • First Days Home From Prison


    Image via MTV

    In November of 2013, Amber is finally released from jail and the MTV cameras were there to film the emotional time. Amber admitted that the only thing that fit her properly were her prison sweats.

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  • Life After Prison


    Image via Twitter

    Being out of prison definitely agrees with Amber. She tweeted this beautiful picture of herself looking svelte and healthier after her release.

  • Looking Too Thin?


    Image via Twitter

    Amber debuts one of her skinniest looks yet -- and many worry that she may have gotten too thin, way too fast!

  • The Look of New Love


    Image via Facebook

    With a new love, fiance Matt Baier, in Amber's life, the focus is off her body and only on her happiness -- which is well deserved!

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  • A Bold Return to 'Teen Mom'


    Image via MTV

    Ready to step back into the spotlight, the original cast returned for the 'Teen Mom' OG season on MTV. This is Amber's promo picture, and it was obvious that she was starting to slim down again.

  • Red Carpet Ready


    Image via Twitter

    Looking good! Amber showed off a noticeably slimmer frame on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet! In March 2015, she tweeted that she was 20 pounds down with 20 more to go.

  • Officially Chinless!


    Image via Twitter

    Amber tweeted out this picture to show off all the hard work she put into transforming her body with the caption, "Chin virtually gone ... thank god!! Lol ... love."

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  • Only 15 More Pounds to Go!


    Image via Facebook

    In early May, Amber posted a svelte new photo on Facebook with the caption, "only 15 more pounds to go!" She looks great and we know she can do it -- it's so inspiring to see how far she has come!

  • Super Slim


    Image via realamberportwood1/Instagram

    Amber looked better than ever at Catelynn and Tyler's wedding!

  • With the Gals


    Image via realamberportwood1/Instagram

    No need to hide under that blanket!

  • She's Got Legs ...


    Image via realamberportwood1/Instagram

    Amber has never looked better!

  • The Gang's All Here


    Image via realamberportwood1/Instagram

    Amber is so thin in this shot, we almost don't recognize her!

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