'Teen Mom' Stars Then & Now: See How Much They've Changed! (PHOTOS)

Suzee Skwiot | May 15, 2015 TV
'Teen Mom' Stars Then & Now: See How Much They've Changed! (PHOTOS)

We've seen the girls of Teen Mom OG grow up right in front of our eyes. They were the first to star on MTV's 16 and Pregnant and were in the initial installment of Teen Mom. They've loved, broken up, written books, faced legal issues, starred in adult films, and had more babies. Needless to say, they've changed quite a bit.

From their hair to their attitudes, the girls have gone through several transformations, many of them in front of cameras and millions of fans.

Take a look at the original teen moms, then and now:

Who do you think has changed the most?


Image via MTV

  • Then: Maci Bookout


    Image via MTV

    When she first appeared on 16 and Pregnant (and was even the first episode of the show!), she was a softball-playing, dirt-bike-riding, Chattanooga, Tennessee teen. She was engaged to Ryan Edwards, living with him, and planning a wedding while expecting their first child, son Bentley.

  • Now: Maci Bookout


    Image via MTV


    Now, the redhead is expecting again, but this time it's a little girl with boyfriend Taylor McKinney. They plan to name her Jayde, and are planning on getting married ... in the not-too-distant future.

    As for Bentley? He's now 6, and being co-parented by both his parents.

  • Then: Farrah Abraham


    Image via MTV

    The Iowa teen was living at home, with parents Michael and Debra, and cheerleading was how she spent her time. Then, she got pregnant with boyfriend Derek Underwood and was expecting a baby girl. Throughout the episode, we saw her fight with her parents, battle with whether or not to tell Derek about the pregnancy, and watched her cheerleading days end.

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  • Now: Farrah Abraham


    Image via MTV

    Since her appearance on the show, she has moved with daughter Sophia to Austin, Texas, released a sex tape, ventured into the adult entertainment industry, written an erotic trilogy, written a book on how her teenage dream ended, and started a relationship with a new man, Simon.

  • Then: Amber Portwood


    Image via MTV

    The self-proclaimed party girl was living the high life in Indiana. She met her boyfriend Gary through her brother, immediately started dating him, and got pregnant with daughter Leah. Everything seemed somewhat simple back at the beginning.

  • Now: Amber Portwood


    Image via MTV

    When she started arguing with Gary and having substance abuse issues, things started to go downhill. She attended rehab while on Teen Mom, but later served over a year in jail for her charges. Since she's been released, she's mended fences with Gary, gotten engaged to new boyfriend Matt, and is working on regaining custody of daughter Leah.

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  • Then: Catelynn Lowell


    Image via MTV

    Back on 16 and Pregnant, Catelynn and boyfriend Tyler decided to give up their daughter Carly for adoption. The two fought with the idea, argued with both sets of parents, underwent struggles with open adoption, and eventually gave their daughter up to Brandon and Teresa.

  • Now: Catelynn Lowell


    Image via MTV

    Now, they're engaged, planning to marry in August, and welcomed daughter Novalee in January! They're still together (they're the only original couple to have stayed together), and regularly counsel young moms about the possibility of adoption.

  • Then: Teen Mom Girls


    Image via MTV

    The girls were just embaring on their reality television fame. They were young moms, with young kids, living their lives in front of the cameras.

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  • Now: Teen Mom Girls


    Image via MTV

    Now? They're seasoned professionals! Between them, they have six kids, several books, millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram, and have returned for another series.

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