Farrah Abraham's Highly Inappropriate Behavior Witnessed by Daughter Sophia (VIDEO)

While the feud rages on between Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout about the former's role on Teen Mom OG, despite being a porn star, Farrah has maintained that she keeps her professional sex life away from her daughter Sophia, so why would Maci worry about Bentley?


But in a preview clip for next week's episode, we see a pretty clear picture that Sophia knows exactly what's going on.

Take a look at this shocking video!

While video chatting with a male friend on the computer, Sophia wandered over and asked if that were her boyfriend. She said no, but Sophia was quick to pipe up, "Mama has a boyfriend and they kissed in bed. Mama was naked!"

Farrah tried to brush it off, saying she didn't know where she got that from, but Sophia was having none of it. "I saw a picture!" she insisted.

"I guess she saw a picture because she was being naughty and looking through my phone ... whatever," Farrah explained, as if having your 6-year-old see naked photos of you kissing a potential future stepdad was no big thing.

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But wait! There's more! Sophia must have some understanding of what happens when grownups kiss naked in bed, because she then happily proclaimed, "Yay, I can get my baby brother and sister!"

Farrah's only response to that was to nervously reply, "That's jumping the gun a bit."

I can't even wrap my head around this. Why did Farrah have photos of herself naked in bed with (presumably) Simon anyway? Is there going to be another "leak" in the future? She thinks we haven't seen enough of her? And if you're going to keep stuff on your phone you don't want other people, including your kids, to see, put a gosh dang lock on it.

Bottom line -- Farrah isn't doing as good of a job as she has claimed when it comes to keeping Sophia completely away from and unaware of her sex life.

What do you think of Sophia's revelation about what she saw?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Instagram

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