Maci Bookout Gains Unlikely Ally in the Wake of Feud With Farrah Abraham

Grab your popcorn, Teen Mom fans! The feud between Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout just keeps on going. This time, Maci's ex and Bentley's daddy Ryan Edwards has stuck his nose in it, although what he had to say may surprise you.


Just in case you've missed the drama du jour, Maci and Farrah had it out on this week's episode of Teen Mom OG, regarding Maci temporarily quitting the show when it was revealed that Farrah was coming back, after initially being left out.

Maci was concerned about her son Bentley appearing on the same TV show as a porn star, erotic novelist, and sex toy peddler. Funny one, that girl.

Anyway, Farrah wouldn't stop heckling Maci on the show, and she wisely stayed pretty mum. But Farrah wasn't done yet -- when the show aired, the Backdoor Teen Mom took to Twitter to insult Maci yet again.

That's when Ryan Edwards stepped in, and he totally had Maci's back!

OK, so he was a little bit crude about it, but Farrah is the one who made a porn video that included that, um, activity.

Ryan made it pretty clear earlier in the season when he told a friend that he shared Maci's feelings about Farrah coming back, calling her "nasty," and saying that she had "no morals." She clearly doesn't seem to have a conscience, if nothing else.

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Ryan and Maci definitely have had their share of bumps in the road when it comes to co-parenting 6-year-old Bentley, but things seem be getting better between them all the time. They even had a conversation on air about learning to communicate better. He even said he was happy for Maci and her boyfriend Taylor McKinney over their daughter, who is due this June.

They even apparently got together for Bentley's baseball game this week, with both parents Instagramming pictures of their little man.

Go Team!

Are you surprised that Ryan stood up for Maci?


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