Bachelorette 2014: The Real Scoop on This Season's 25 Suitors! (PHOTOS)

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Bachelorette 2014: The Real Scoop on This Season's 25 Suitors! (PHOTOS)

Bachelorette suitorsYes! After weeks of sitting on the couch totally bored on Monday nights because duh, there's nothing on TV, we're finally about to get our guilty pleasure back. The Bachelorette officially premieres on May 18th, and we'll finally learn whether Kaitlyn Bristowe or Britt Nilsson winds up continuing as this season's leading lady.

And based on the crop of dudes who are vying for one of their hearts this time around, we're bound to be in for a very entertaining ride. Of course, The Bachelorette suitors do tend to fall into certain stereotypes, so we already have a decent idea of the different kinds of men who will turn up at the mansion this time around.

Take a look at our 25 guys -- and see what kind of men we've already pegged them for!

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  • Ben H. - Most Likely to Have a Girlfriend Back Home


    Image via ABC

    The 6'4" software salesman from Colorado loves to hike, admires Nelson Mandela, and has a Scott Foley-ish thing going on. Just sounds too good to be true, so he's probably a closet player.

  • Ben Z. - Most Likely to Be a Major Mama's Boy


    Image via ABC

    26-year-old Ben Z. from San Jose, California is a cutie, that's for sure, but wanna bet that as soon as he opens his mouth, he's gonna bring up his mommy, and how much he adores her and how no woman will ever live up to her ... and we know our girl is gonna take issue with THAT!

  • Bradley - Most Likely to Totally Offend EVERYONE With His Douchebaggery


    Image via ABC

    Bradley, 25, from Atlanta, Georgia cites his fave flick as Wolf of Wall Street and even looks a little Jordan Belfort-ish. He also wishes he could spend a day in "Tom Brady's shoes. Get a taste of what a primetime football game would be like -- then go home to Gisele." Ew. Sounds like the guy really wants moolah, the spotlight, and a trophy wife -- not necessarily true love.

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  • Brady - Most Likely to Demand What He Wants or Else Hit the Road


    Image via ABC

    33-year-old Brady from Nashville, Tennessee is a man with a plan. And if we know anything about reality TV, it's that the script isn't always gonna be in sync with one man's plan. Something tells me this is one guy who won't stick around to let the producers call his shots.

  • Chris - Most Likely to Disappear Into the Abyss After the First Night


    Image via ABC

    28-year-old Chris from Nashville, Tennessee is a dentist and has the chompers to prove it! But he also looks like a stock photography model who could easily become the kind of cocktail party wallpaper whose exit from the limo is his first and last crack at a bachelorette.

  • Clint - Most Likely to End Up Running Around in His Tighty Whities Somehow


    Image via ABC

    The 27-year-old architectural engineer from Chicago, Illinois bears an uncanny resemblance to the hockey player BF from 13 Going on 30, right? Maybe that's why we get the feeling he's going to end up in nothing more than his tighty whities at some point. If that's what it takes to get the girl, #NoShame.

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  • Corey - Most Likely to Crack an Inappropriate Joke to Try to Lighten the Mood... And Fail


    Image via ABC

    Corey, the 30-year-old investment banker from New York City, fears boredom on dates. But lucky for the potential future Mrs., the guy craves a lunch with the Dalai Lama, so there are no chances that his jokes will actually do the trick.

  • Cory - Most Likely to Get the *Crickets* Soundtrack From Producers


    Image via ABC

    The 35-year-old residential developer from Texas answered all his questionnaire answers in curt, short sentences. "What does being married mean to you? It means having someone to share life with for the rest of our lives." And the best of all: "If you could be someone else for just one day, who would it be? My younger self."

    That would be a fun swap.

  • Daniel - Most Likely to Rule the House & Be Disliked By All the Guys


    Image via ABC

    Not only is the 28-year-old a fashion designer (major points here), but he'd like to swap lives for a day with the Prince of Monaco. Move over, guys, because Daniel's about to become Bachelor Nation royalty.

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  • David - Most Likely to Be Lying About His Height


    Image via ABC

    Six feet, David? No way. Can we please bust out the measuring stick and get down to the truth?

  • Ian - Most Likely to Treat the Show as an Audition for More Reality TV


    Image via ABC

    Sorry, Ian, but your answer for which person you'd most like to have lunch with is just a little self-serving. Dude said "Jimmy Kimmel -- smart, funny family man, seems like a really good man." Doesn't hurt that the late night host made an appearance on the last season or regularly features contestants as guests on his own show, does it?

  • Jared - Most Likely to Have an Insane Crazy Side That Comes Out Late in the Season


    Image via ABC

    Jared, the 26-year-old restaurant manager from Rhode Island, seems friendly and nice. He doesn't "really have any" date fears, admires his father, volunteers at a summer camp for children with cancer, and would like to be Barack Obama. Alright, dude ... come on now. Give us the real answers.

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  • J.J. - Most Likely to Drink Too Much at the First Cocktail Party and then Puke Somewhere Tasteful


    Image via ABC

    J.J. is a 32-year-old former investment banker from Colorado, and he's a puker. Definitely. Really sweet and you like him instantly ... but just can't handle his alcohol as much as he thinks he can (you know the type).

  • Joe - Most Likely To Refuse To Go Swimming On a Beach Group Date Because He Doesn’t Want To Mess Up His Hair


    Image via ABC

    I mean, you can't blame the guy. Imagine how many bottles of gel he'd waste a week if he went swimming every time he saw a pool.

  • Jonathan - Most Likely to Have a Tragic Back Story


    Image via ABC

    Ah, Jonathan. You have it written all over you. This automotive spokesman from Detroit is also allegedly a single dad, and there's no chance he waits more than 3-weeks to break that story out.

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  • Josh - Most Likely To Sneak A Flask into the Mansion


    Image via ABC

    And if not a flask, definitely something else illegal in nature. Sorry, was that too real for you? His favorite movie is Wolf of Wall Street, guys. And he's a law student. A law student!

  • Joshua - Most Likely to Be the First One Shirtless


    Image via ABC

    He's an industrial welder, so you could also say he's a hunk by trade. He'll be shirtless by week three, guaranteed.

  • Justin - Most Likely To Make It Into the Final Three Before Anyone Notices Him


    Image via ABC

    He's got it written all over him: First, he PROBABLY didn't lie about his height, because he's the only one who admitted to being under 6 feet. So he's honest. He seems quiet. Sweet. Mild. Yep, he'll sneak right in there.

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  • Kupah - Most Likely To Send Cat Emojis Instead of the Normal Ones


    Image via ABC

    This is the guy who answered "FOOOOOOOORRRRRRRREEEEEEEVEEEEEEEER" on the question "What does marriage mean to you?," so you KNOW he overuses emojis. But he's also juussttt out of touch enough (or alternatively, supremely cool enough?) to still think the cat ones are funny.

  • Ryan B. -- Most Likely to Miss the Rose Ceremony Because He's in the Bathroom Fixing His Hair


    Image via ABC

    Oh come on, does this 32-year-old realtor look like he can pass by a mirror without doing an appearance check? Not a chance.

  • Ryan M. -- Most Likely to Be a Stage-5 Clinger


    Image via ABC

    Considering Ryan's bio indicates that he believes marriage means finding a soul mate and "bringing new life into the world," odds are good he'll be picturing The Bachelorette as barefoot and pregnant by the end of the opening cocktail party. Run, honey ... RUN!

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  • Shawn B. -- Most Likely to Arm Wrestle The Bachelorette ... & Lose


    Image via ABC

    The fact that he's a 28-year-old personal trainer means he'll likely want to show off his beefy bod, but something tells us this year's Bachelorette just might give him a run for his money in the strength department. She'll totally leave him red-faced and possibly crying in a corner somewhere.

  • Shawn E. -- Most Likely to Try & Get to Second Base on the First Date


    Image via ABC

    The dude lists his profession as "Amateur Sex Coach." 'Nuff said.

  • Tanner -- Most Likely to Get the First Impression Rose & Become the House Villain


    Image via ABC

    Just look at this guy! Besides being dreamy, the 28-year-old finance manager also digs a woman who can hold a coversation, so he's clearly interested in more than looks. The other dudes in the house are SO going to hate him, and fans will probably follow suit. (Let's hope he doesn't get punched.)

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  • Tony -- Most Likely to Cry Like a Baby Right After Stepping Out of the Limo


    Image via ABC

    Tony is a "Healer," whatever the hell that means. We can probably assume this 35-year-old piece of eye candy is quite the sensitive man, so don't be surprised if his emotions get the best of him when he lays eyes on his possible future wife.

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