15 Craziest 'Teen Mom' Parenting Fails

Farrah Abraham and Sophia

There's no doubt that the stars of the MTV Teen Mom series have overcome some serious odds and obstacles in order to raise their children -- but that's not to say that they haven't made a few eyebrow-raising decisions and mistakes along the way. (Hey, haven't we all?) While pretty much all parents have had a mishap or two they'd like to do over in terms of raising their kids, typically those moments aren't caught on camera or scrutinized on social media.


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Unfortunately for these reality stars, we've seen every parenting mishap. From the way they discipline their kids, to the questionable parenting decisions they've made -- these ladies know how to get tongues wagging. Good, bad, or ugly -- no matter how one feels about their parenting techniques, we have to remember that these women are young. We can only shiver in horror at the thought of anyone watching our worst parenting mistakes! 

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So without judgment, here are the 15 parenting moves we have a feeling that the Teen Mom cast members wish they could take back entirely! 

Who are the best and worst moms in the Teen Mom casts? Let us know!


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