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15 Craziest 'Teen Mom' Parenting Fails

TV Lauren Brown May 15, 2015

Farrah Abraham and Sophia

There's no doubt that the stars of the MTV Teen Mom series have overcome some serious odds and obstacles in order to raise their children -- but that's not to say that they haven't made a few eyebrow-raising decisions and mistakes along the way. (Hey, haven't we all?) While pretty much all parents have had a mishap or two they'd like to do over in terms of raising their kids, typically those moments aren't caught on camera or scrutinized on social media.

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Unfortunately for these reality stars, we've seen every parenting mishap. From the way they discipline their kids, to the questionable parenting decisions they've made -- these ladies know how to get tongues wagging. Good, bad, or ugly -- no matter how one feels about their parenting techniques, we have to remember that these women are young. We can only shiver in horror at the thought of anyone watching our worst parenting mistakes! 

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So without judgment, here are the 15 parenting moves we have a feeling that the Teen Mom cast members wish they could take back entirely! 

Who are the best and worst moms in the Teen Mom casts? Let us know!


Image via farrahabrahamofficial/Instagram

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1Jenelle Evans went to the beach & left newborn baby Kaiser!

Just ONE week after welcoming baby Kaiser with fiancé Nathan Griffith, Jenelle was proudly taking selfies while tanning in a bikini at the beach. Um, we understand that a gal needs to get her tan on every once in a while, but who was watching the baby, and HOW in the world was she feeling up to leaving the house yet? Gah!

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4Maci Bookout spanked Bentley on TV!

During the "Being Maci" special on MTV, Maci Bookout had enough of her son Bentley's bad behavior and took him into a bathroom to spank him. Technically it was off camera, but they still caught the audio of everything going down. And while Maci has the right to discipline her child however she sees fit, she second guessed the decision on Twitter, noting she was going to catch flack for it.

Image via Twitter

5Leah Calvert let her twins play with toy guns.

When Leah revealed that her twins, Ali and Aleeah, play with toy guns,  the backlash was strong, especially because they took them along to a pageant, prompting Leah to share a photo of them. Ugh. Don't they have other more educational and/or appropriate things to play with?

Image via farrahabrahamofficial/Instagram

6Farrah Abraham let Sophia use a pacifier at almost 5 years old!

Believe it not, Farrah Abraham's daughter is now 6 years old! But when Sophia was nearly 5, Farrah was still allowing her to use her pacifier all the time -- a habit that should have been broken much earlier. Do you think Farrah lets Sophia get away with whatever she wants, or is she simply not around enough to put rules in place? (It's a toss up for sure.)

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Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

7Chelsea Houska's daughter Aubree injured while in Adam Lind's care.

We can't help but feel bad for Chel, you know, since she has Adam Lind as a baby daddy. He allowed their daughter Aubree to ride with him on a dirt bike WITHOUT a helmet. She scraped her knee and burned her ankle. And did we mention that this happened while Adam's license was suspended?

Image via kaillowry/Instagram

8Kailyn Lowry let Isaac play in a dog cage!

It started off as just some innocent fun, but wound up setting off a social media firestorm when Kailyn Lowry let her son Isaac hang out in a dog kennel and posted a picture of it on Instagram. While surely no harm was meant, you have to wonder if it's really the best place for a child to play?

Image via Twitter

9Jenelle Evans let Kaiser sleep in her bed.

Jenelle Evans retweeted this photo of her baby Kaiser sleeping in bed with Nathan Griffith -- but there was a lot of uproar over it. First starters, the blanket was almost up over the baby's mouth (a BIG no no with sleep in general when it comes to babies), and there appears to be a bottle of beer on the nightstand. (Two things that definitely don't mix with babies and sleep!)

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Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

10Nathan Griffith wore Kaiser all wrong in baby sling.

Baby wearing is a hot trend, and it's so great to see a daddy get in on the action. But Nathan should have had Jenelle around to make sure he had baby Kaiser in the carrier okay before going out. There was concern over this picture, as Kaiser's legs appear to be positioned wrong, and he doesn't seem to be high enough. Next time they should check out our baby wearing tips first!

Image via kaillowry/Instagram

11Kailyn Lowry "forgot" baby Lincoln in the car!

The Internet prematurely threw a hissy fit during an episode of Teen Mom 2 last year. Kailyn went inside Isaac's school to pick him up, and it appeared as though she left baby Lincoln in the car! But not to worry, it looked a lot worse than what was going on in reality. You see, since this is all filmed for a reality show, Kailyn confirmed that a member of the crew waited with the baby. (We hope that's true!)

Image via Twitter

12Jenelle Evans let Kaiser fall asleep with a bottle in his mouth.

Jenelle posted this shot on Twitter of her baby Kaiser sleeping peacefully in the car, and of course, some people were quick to point out that allowing him to keep the bottle in his mouth could potentially pose a choking hazard, or cause his teeth to rot.

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13Chelsea Houska let Aubree wear makeup!

All little girls love to play in their mom's makeup drawer, but should they actually leave the house wearing it? When Chelsea Houska posted pictures of her then 4-year-old daughter Aubree wearing hot pink lipstick on an outing, it caused quite the stir. Chelsea said in the caption that Aubree begged for it, but is too mature for a little girl, even in good fun?

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14Leah Calvert dressed her daughters "provocatively."

There was a lot of outrage when Leah Calvert posted pictures of her twins Ali and Aleeah showing off their stomachs and wearing tons of makeup. Now granted, they were at a gymnastics competition, which calls for the competitors to dress that way, but some thought this was a bit too much even for a performance!

Image via MTV

15Kailyn Lowry let her drunk mom babysit Lincoln!

It's been such a rocky road for Kailyn Lowry and her mother. They've been estranged for the most part because of her mom's drinking problem. So it's completely understandable why Kailyn's husband Javi Marroquin was furious after Kailyn let her mom baby-sit Lincoln. When Kail picked him up, her mom was drunk! Kailyn definitely learned her lesson -- especially because she kept the incident a secret from Javi, making it even worse when he did finally find out!

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