Whitney Bischoff's Latest 'Response' to Chris Soules Breakup Rumors Says It All

Whitney Bischoff

Huh. Well? Color us officially confused. Even though we thought it was totally bizarre that Chris Soules didn't reunite with Whitney Bischoff after his time on Dancing With the Stars came to an end, apparently we read way too much into their lack of contact, as far as it being a sign that their relationship is coming to an end goes.


While we're still not totally convinced that these two will actually make it to the altar, by the looks of this new Instagram photo, Whit and Chris are still together, and are at least going to give the chilling out on a farm in Iowa thing a good old college try.

Road trippin #iowabound

A photo posted by Whitney Bischoff (@whitb624) on

Yep. She's road trippin'. To Iowa. Presumably to see Chris. (But why is she taking selfies while driving?)

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It's perfectly obvious that Whitney wanted to send a very clear message with this photo, which we read loud and clear. Um, duh -- she made damn sure that her whopper-of-a-Neil-Lane ring was fully on display in the shot, as it to say, "Screw what everyone is saying about our relationship. We're engaged and in love and couldn't be happier to finally start our lives together. Now leave us alone and let us ride off into the sunset on a tractor (or whatever.)"

If Chris and Whitney really are still going strong, it can't be easy for them to hear so much speculation about their engagement, but something tells us they probably knew this was going to happen, given the talk that's surrounded other couples from the show.

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For now, we should probably just go ahead and assume that they're headed back on the right track, and who knows? Maybe, just maybe, there will wind up being another big, fancy TV wedding worth tuning in for in the near future. Hey, farmer went on that show to find a wife, so let's at least give him the opportunity to say "I do" before we go pulling the plug on this relationship for him.

Do you think Chris and Whitney are rock solid?


Image via whitb624/Instagram

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