'Teen Mom OG' Recap: Farrah Abraham Confronts Maci Bookout Over Her Filming Choices

farrah abaraham maci bookoutIt's the confrontation we've been waiting for all season long: Farrah Abraham vs. Maci Bookout. As all the Teen Mom OG girls arrived in New York City for a massive press tour and studio time, the two moms finally met face-to-face in a seriously explosive and still-to-be resolved clash.


Ready for the fight? Ding, ding, ding! Here's how it all went down.

Each of the girls had to film reaction shots for MTV in which they explained their feelings after watching a certain clip. Sound easy enough? Not the case for Farrah. She flat-out refused to react to the clip of Maci quitting filming and producers seemed done.

Later, however, Farrah managed to come clean to producers with exactly how she feels about Maci. So what does she think of Bentley's mom? She's a "fake, f***ed up, piece of s*** person," Farrah says. And with that, that's all we get. For now.

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Next, the girls paired off (Maci with Amber, and Farrah with Catelynn) for individual interviews with press. Still no confrontation. But then, lunch happened. And it all went down:

Farrah: Hey Maci, why are you here?
*Complete silence and awkward death stares*
Maci: I'm not sure
Farrah: I think you should not be here 'cause you don't want to be here. Bye! Bye! Nobody needs you here.
Maci: If you were my boss, then I'd leave, but you're not.
Farrah: Oh, I'm not your boss. I'm just agreeing with you. Why are you here?
Maci: Why are you here?
Farrah: Well, because I signed up and I wanted to be here. Because my life's not about porn. I have a child too and she sees me every day and it doesn't affect her, and doesn't harm her.
Maci: And that's fine. We can have different parenting styles.
Farrah: Bentley doesn't even bring up my name, does he? He doesn't even know me, doens't know a thing about me. And when he did know me and when he did see me, he really liked me.
: I don't feel like I need to apologize because like I said, I'm not going to change what I think is right for my son just because..
Farrah: Maci, do you even know what's right for your own self? What's right for your son has nothing to do with me.

Your head hurt yet? That's basically where it ended, but the producers did manage to bring them together in a room... where absolutely nothing was accomplished.

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Later, when they also had to film an after show, we saw more of the same. Maci unable to explain herself and Farrah unwilling to listen.

Is it going to resolve itself? Not anytime soon, that's for sure.

Whose side are you on? Maci's or Farrah's?


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