'Game of Thrones' & Greyscale: Will Jorah Mormont Die?

game of thrones kill the boy
Can you believe it, we are already on episode 5, "Kill the Boy," on Game of Thrones! That means we are halfway through the 10-episode season. The producers of the HBO show are trimming away a lot of the fat from George R. R. Martin's original work, and it's keeping all fans on their toes. Even the author admitted that characters on the show will die even if they haven't yet in the books ... and we may have had our newest victim last night.


Spoilers ahead!

That's right, everyone's favorite friend-zoned exiled knight, Jorah Mormont, has contracted greyscale, the disease that had afflicted little Shireen Baratheon and about which it seemed strange to learn so much in previous episodes. If you recall, her father told her, "Everyone advised me to send you to the ruins of Valyria to live out your short life with the Stone Men before the sickness spread through the castle ... You did not belong across the world with the bloody Stone Men."

shireen baratheon

Jorah and Tyrion were sailing to Valyria, got distracted by the sight of a flying Drogon, and were attacked by the Stone Men. Book readers and TV fans alike were all, WTF are these new monsters?! And even though Jorah warned Tyrion not to touch them immediately, his heroic antics fighting them off proved costly. Miraculously, even with Tyrion getting pulled underwater, there was no skin-to-skin contact. Not so for poor, poor Jorah, whose sole mission is to win back his queen's favor. How could he possibly touch her now?!

The disease is obviously highly contagious and can make the skin harden -- then spread to the body's insides and be fatal. So the huge question, besides Jorah's fate: Is Jorah going to bring back Tyrion to his beloved Daenerys but then infect her city in the process? In the books, he never contracts greyscale, but Dany does face an outbreak of pale mare. Perhaps greyscale, with which readers are much more familiar, will substitute. But it will make it even harder for Jorah to serve Dany again without her throwing him out a second time.

Needless to say, no one knows what will happen to Jorah, and from what Stannis said about getting every healer and spending all the money he could to save his daughter, it's not looking so great. Perhaps, when he and Tyrion go see Dany, they will be able to figure something out. But if the old knight will meet an unexpected, very abrupt end like Barristan? Changes like this are extremely frustrating to book readers, as we love knowing what's going to happen next, but now so many fates are up in the air, we're along for the ride like everyone else. Whenever Tyrion and Dany figure out what happened to Jorah, things will certainly get interesting.

Do you think there's any way Jorah will survive?


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