Josh Murray's 'Hunt' for Andi Dorfman's Replacement Makes Us Cringe

andi dorfman josh murrayWith the next season of The Bachelorette only DAYS away, the last Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, and her love story may seem like a distant memory. But if you were wondering what her ex-fiance Josh Murray is up to following their split, you need look no further than his tweets -- which are very revealing.


Take this one in particular, which shows just how dire things seem to have gotten since Josh lost Andi. Apparently, the guy is using his poor pup as a matchmaker.

Ouch. So, okay, I'll give the dude a break for trying to be cutesy with his furry "best friend," the beloved Sabel. If you're a dog person like Josh (and me), you can definitely come down with a bad case of puppy love fever on occasion and say -- or tweet -- something beyond cheesy.

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But ... #MommyHunting? Ew. Talk about a Freudian slip?!

Yeah, yeah, he's talking about trying to find a dog "parent" for Sabel, but -- um, just a guess -- maaaybe one of the reasons he and Andi parted ways was because he's one of those dudes who doesn't want a wife so much as he wants another, well, "mommy." Eeck.

OR the guy just wants to find a woman who will adore his pup as much as he does. To that, we can only say ... fair enough, Josh. Fair enough. But spare us calling it "mommy hunting." How 'bout just saying that you're looking for love for ALL "the right reasons"?

How would you feel going out with a guy who said he was "mommy hunting"? LOL!


Image via @Parisa/Splash News

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