Woman in Wheelchair Wins a Treadmill on 'Price Is Right,' Shows the World How to Do Life

danielle perezSomething went oh-so-wrong this week on The Price Is Right. Comedian Danielle Perez won a new sauna and a treadmill. Only problem is, Perez is in a wheelchair. In fact, she doesn't even have feet. So what does a footless, wheelchair-bound woman do when she wins a treadmill?


She makes some jokes, naturally!

Perez, who lost her feet in an accident, was incredibly cool about the whole thing. When she learns she'll be competing for the sauna and treadmill she enthuses, "These are really nice!" to host Drew Carey. She doesn't even bat an eye at the ridiculousness of her situation. Her zeal only grows as she guesses the correct price for the sauna -- and wins both prizes. Ehrm, yay?

Her friend Gianze P. was so happy ... happy to know the show isn't rigged, anyway.

No sore winner, Perez accepted her prizes with grace and humor -- of course, because she's a comedian. And because it's way more fun to laugh than pout. Check out her triumphant post-game tweet. 

With a little more thought Perez realized she didn't just win a treadmill. She won something much larger.

Oh yeah, she won the Internet and Life!

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When someone else tweeted that her win made him laugh -- and then feel a little sad -- Perez quipped her true feelings. 

You know what? I think we all learned an important life lesson here thanks to Perez. Life is cruelly unfair sometimes. And yet, life hands us gifts. Maybe not the gifts we ask for, or that are our first choice. But some gratitude and a sense of humor will increase our enjoyment of them. In fact, even a supremely awkward moment can be a gift if you know how to spin it right.

And speaking of spin, here's Perez again showing us all how to look on the bright side and recognize what's most important.

She's right -- her hair does look fabulous. #WINNING!

Do you think you would have responded the same way if you'd been in this awkward situation?


Image via CBS

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