Catelynn Lowell's Confession About Tyler Baltierra Makes Us Go Hmm ...

Catelynn Lowell

Haven't you been absolutely loving all of the sweet photos Catelynn Lowell has shared of baby Novalee over the past few weeks? Hands down, she has to be about the most gorgeous little girl we've ever seen, so we can't resist oohing and ahhing over every nugget of information we can get on her.


And as far as we can tell, Tyler Baltierra is just about as over-the-moon about his "Tootie" as a new dad can get, though Catelynn just revealed something pretty surprising about him in terms of parenting in a new featured moment with MTV.

Get this one, Catelynn doesn't let Tyler help with Nova! OMG. While we can sort of relate to how she's feeling since a lot of moms typically feel like they want to take everything on themselves and do things their own way in terms of raising a newborn, poor Cate should definitely let Tyler take the reins once in a while, if for no other reason than catching up on lack of sleep!

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It can be pretty tough to take a step back and let Daddy take over as we all know, but if he's ready and willing to lend a helping hand, Catelynn really ought to think about taking him up on the offer!

Man. Could Tyler possibly get any more irresistible? He's totally enamored of Catelynn and isn't afraid to express his love for her publicly at every chance he gets. He can't help but gush over his daughter over and over again. AND he wants to be a hands-on Dad, which is just about the most attractive quality a dude can have!

That Cate sure is one lucky gal. But then again, she probably already knows that.

Did you have a hard time letting your baby's dad help you?


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