Maci Bookout Shares Reality of What Mother's Day Is Really Like (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | May 7, 2015 TV

Maci Bookout

Even though every Mother's Day she's had since Bentley was born has no doubt been extra special, this year is bound to be particularly exciting for Maci Bookout as she anticipates the birth of her precious baby girl! In honor of this wonderful holiday, we were thrilled to be able to ask Maci a few questions about motherhood, and what she had to say makes us love her even more than we ever thought possible!

Check out what she shared with us about what she loves most about being a mom, what her dream Mother's Day would be like, and what she's really going to be up to this Sunday! (We can totally relate!)

What does your ideal Mother's Day look like?


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  • Describe the moment when you first "felt like a mom."


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    "I immediately felt overwhelming love for Bentley the very first time I held him. But the first time I really "felt like a mom" was the first night in the hospital after Bentley was born. After our friends and family had left the hospital and he was crying in the middle of the night, I was eager to do whatever I needed to comfort him, but kind of freaking out at the same time because I wasn't exactly sure what I doing."

  • If you were going to give a mom-to-be one piece of advice, what would it be?


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    "Don't sweat the small stuff and make an extra effort to appreciate every moment. It goes by so fast."

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  • What is your favorite thing about motherhood?


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    "Watching Bentley become his own person. I love to watch him live life, playing sports, learning to read and write, problem solve, and make friends. It's amazing to see him grow into who he is and wants to be as a person."

  • What does your dream Mother's Day look like?


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    "I'd say spending the day with my mom and Bentley at the lake, ball field, or maybe just a picnic!"

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  • What will your real Mother's Day be like?


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    "Spending the day with my mom and Bentley, probably at the ball field considering Bentley has a baseball tournament this weekend, LOL!"

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