Amber Portwood Shares Her Dream Mother's Day -- It's Our Fantasy Too! (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | May 7, 2015 TV

Amber Portwood

Now that the Teen Mom Original Girls season is well underway, it's been so exciting to see what is happening in the lives of the women on the show. And since we've been fans of theirs since the very beginning, we couldn't have been more excited to have the pleasure to ask Amber Portwood a few questions in honor of Mother's Day -- and what she has to say will certainly touch your heart in more ways than one.

Check out what she shared with us about her thoughts on motherhood, her dream Mother's Day plans, and what will really go down on Sunday!

What does your ideal Mother's Day look like?


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  • Describe the moment when you first "felt like a mom."


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    "The first time I felt like a mother is when I had BooBoo and she opened her eyes and looked at me for the first time. My world immediately changed."

  • If you were going to give a mom-to-be one piece of advice, what would it be?


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    "Be prepared because your world is about to change and that baby is innocent and beautiful, always remember that."

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  • What is your favorite thing about motherhood?


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    "I love how I feel whenever BooBoo is around. I love dressing her up, she's my little doll."

  • What does your dream Mother's Day look like?


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    "I would love to take the whole family to Disney World and let BooBoo be the princess and I can be the queen -- LOL!"

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  • What will your real Mother's Day be like?


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    "I’m going to spend time with my BooBoo and my mother and grandmother. Family is most important."

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