Truth About Jenelle Evans' Split From Nathan Griffith May Surprise You

Jenelle Evans

Even though it's been pretty clear for weeks that Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have definitely broken up, we weren't quite ready to give up on the notion of them getting back together, well, because it's happened more than once in the past.


But if a new report from RadarOnline is true, it looks like Jenelle is ready to move on from Nathan and start her life over with someone who appreciates her.

Supposedly she told a "source close to her" that she's ready to "start seeing other people," and she also indicated that Nathan moved his belongings out of her house this past weekend.

But while Jenelle may be ready for a fresh start, it does sound like she's upset that she and Nathan couldn't manage to work things out.

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The source made it sound like Nathan is the one who ended things, saying:

"Jenelle wants to see her family together, but at the same time, he doesn't want her, so she can't control him."

Um, excuse me? Nathan doesn't want Jenelle? Who the hell does he think he is? Doesn't he realize that he had it made while the two of them were together? If anything, we would've guessed she kicked him to the curb, so this news is surprising at best.

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Wait, it gets worse. Remember when Nathan was given a no contact order in terms of seeing Jenelle after his last arrest? Yeah, well the insider says that he started dating another woman just a couple days after that, so it sounds like he wasted no time in acting like his relationship with Jenelle ever existed. (What a jack ass.)

She may be upset about their engagement being over, but who else thinks Jenelle is much better off without this dude? Oh, and remember how she tweeted something the other day about setting her standards much higher this time around? Yeah, well supposedly she only wants to date guys who are sober, and who have a college degree, so basically she's interested in someone who is nothing like Nathan.

Jenelle deserves nothing less than a man who is responsible, loving, and has a positive impact on not only her life, but that of Jace and Kaiser, so more power to her for realizing exactly what she's worth!

Are you happy Jenelle is done with Nathan?


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