Truth Behind Whitney Bischoff & Chris Soules' Recent Separation Revealed

chris soules whitney bischoffEver since Whitney Bischoff left L.A. and her farmer-turned-Bachelor-turned-Dancing With the Stars competitor fiance Chris Soules dropped that eyebrow-raiser about "not even existing" to the fertility nurse, Bachelor Nation has been wondering if a split isn't far off. But apparently, we got it ALL twisted. Chris recently spoke out about the real reason Whitney went back to the Windy City.


Chris spoke with media after competing with partner Witney Carson last night, and explained his MIA fiancee's whereabouts:

She’s actually with family today. It’s actually the anniversary of her mom’s death. ... It was tough. I thought about her all week [because] she was going to be feeling those emotions again. ... This week was the Kentucky Derby and her mom’s anniversary. This was the week for her to do something for herself. Hopefully she’ll be back here for me next week.

Eek. Poor Whitney, and ugh, silly us. Yep, kiiiinda makes anyone who was buzzing about a breakup feel like a jerk. (Yours truly included!)

Then again, given the show's track record -- and the bizarre choice of words Chris opted for last week! -- it's totally valid for fans to be left wondering if ANY of their fave reality show-based pairs will actually make it down the aisle.

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But when it comes to Chris and Whitney, the Iowa native insists there's no trouble in paradise, explaining that right now, his fiancee is "able to kind of live" while he's "kind of focused on trying to get the mirror ball." He elaborated:

I have her in the evenings, we talk about the day and she’s my number one fan. I know she’s there for me and when all this is over, it will be nice to just be together. ... We’re together, and we’re in love, and we’re handling this like two adults. She’s got a life, too. She’s got a job and she’s got a career and she’s doing that. She’s gotta do what makes her happy, and I’m focused on [DWTS] and having a great time, and she’s happy for me.

Sounds ... incredibly mature, grounded, and peaceful! And perhaps that's exactly how friends and family would describe these two as a couple when the cameras aren't rolling -- which, given that DWTS will be over before we know it, isn't far off at all.

What do you think about Chris's comments on Whitney's absence?


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