'Game of Thrones' Deviates From Books Even More With Fates of 2 Fan Favorites

game of thrones grey wormThough it's not 100% confirmed, it looks like George R. R. Martin was right when he said that characters on the TV series will die ... even if he hasn't killed them off in the books! Last night on Game of Thrones on "Sons of the Harpy," it seems to be getting worse and worse for Daenerys Targaryen after potentially losing, SPOILER ALERT, two of her most loyal allies and trusted warriors. Without them, will she welcome back Jorah Mormont, a familiar face, as she loses even more of her fragile control over Meereen?


After a brutal fight, it seemed like Grey Worm of the Unsullied and Ser Barristan Selmy met a bloody and brutal yet honorable end, taking on the Sons of the Harpy even though they were insanely outnumbered. It sure appeared to be the end for both of them, with swords/spears in the gut and all, though Grey Worm might have a miraculous recovery (see below). If not, the number of allies Daenerys has grows short. Both Grey Worm and Barristan were good men and incredibly good fighters. If they are out for the count, Dany will truly miss their presence and council.

Yet in the books, SPOILER ALERT, Selmy and Grey Worm are both still alive and well. After Daenerys flees on Drogon's back when she opens up the fighting pits, Selmy leads the attack on the Yunkish after they infect Meereen with pale mare. He also asks Grey Worm for his help to protect Meereen, which Grey Worm does. It looks like Barristan even has a few POV chapters in Martin's upcoming The Winds of Winter.

As many fans have noted, season 5 has been distancing itself from the source material more than ever before. Jaime and Bronn never go to Dorne to rescue Jaime's daughter, Sansa does not return to Winterfell and is never betrothed to gross Ramsay Bolton, Margaery and Tommen never get it on in the books, leading to Cersei's great plan to frame Margaery for adultery and get her arrested, Samwell leaves the Wall to become a Maester in A Feast for Crows -- the show has definitely taken a life of its own. But to kill off (maybe) two fan favorites and Dany's favorite warriors? If Grey Worm truly is dead, how will Missandei react?

Well, HBO may have told us and spoiled it by showing a quick shot of her looking down on him as he is heavily bandaged in the season 5 trailer. Still, she could be saying goodbye, and Game of Thrones fans are finding it as frustrating and intriguing as ever not being able to read ahead to find out what really happens. Because it never happens in the books! The show is delving into Dany's inability to control Meereen more so than Martin ever did by potentially killing off these two. Let's hope Tyrion catches up to her as quickly as possible and helps her out with all this ruling nonsense. They'll probably be popping out a couple of babies by the end of the season considering how far the show has deviated from the books (kidding) (sort of).

Do you think Selmy and Grey Worm are really dead? Have you been surprised by how much the show has strayed from the books?


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