Jenelle Evans Moves on From Nathan Griffith in a Major Way

Jenelle Evans is ready to get on with her life after Nathan Griffith, and she doesn't care if he does want her back. The Teen Mom 2 star took to Twitter recently to share some news about moving on, and make it seem like Nate's not ready to do the same.


Jenelle tweeted about getting a particular tattoo covered up:

Tattoo on her hip? Jenelle has many designs inked on her skin, but the one she has to be referring to is Nathan's name on the inside of her left hip. He has a matching one of her name on his right side.

That is a huge step, if you ask me. Obviously these two thought they'd be together forever, or they wouldn't have gotten matching tattoos. Jenelle's in the middle of some big changes at the moment, with her broken engagement from Nate and graduating school to become a surgical tech soon. She's smart to know it's time to sort things out.

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And way to throw some shade at Nate! As much as Jenelle has been through in her life, she's seriously grown up in the last couple of years and seems to have become a pretty cool girl. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Nathan finally smelled the roses and realized what he'd lost.

Unfortunately for him, Jenelle seems to be over it already.

Do you think Jenelle and Nathan are really done for good?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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