Jenelle Evans' New Waist Training Photo Is Concerning

Now that Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith seem to be over for good, it's understandable that this chica wants to get in tip-top shape. Jenelle has been taking good care of her body in recent years, and what better way to distract yourself from heartache than to enjoy the endorphins produced by working out?


While we commend Jenelle for taking care of her physique (and not turning back to drugs to numb the pain), her latest pre-run selfie is just a little bit concerning.

Jenelle has been waist training recently, which is the new-fangled, fancy, celebrity way of saying "reshaping her midsection via a corset. Yup, corsets are back, y'all, and celebs from the Kardashians to the Teen Mom crew are peddling them.

OK fine. I'm not a fan of corsets, but if they make people happy, then whatevs. But take a look at this photo Jenelle posted on Instagram this week, and especially the caption:

Ready to go on a run? A run? How on earth does one run in a corset with all the air being squeezed out of your lungs? Doesn't she know that people used to die by corset?

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Worn religiously, corsets actually reshape your rib cage (think teeth and braces), which leaves less space for your organs, including your lungs. Wearing a corset while working out just seems like a really dangerous idea.

Note: I am not a doctor.

I just hope that Jenelle is taking care of her health. She's training to become a surgical tech, but that doesn't necessarily mean she's making healthy decisions.

Do you think working out in a corset is a worthwhile endeavor?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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