Tyler Baltierra's Latest Message to Catelynn Lowell Takes Our Breath Away

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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have had an exciting year so far welcoming their daughter Novalee Reign, and it's great to know their love for each other just keeps getting stronger. Tyler, who's never been shy about expressing his feelings for his childhood sweetheart, took to Instagram to profess his love once again, and his message has us swooning! 


The 23-year-old dad is wise beyond his years when he notes that love isn't like it seems in the movies. Amen! It's about "sacrifice and dedication." It's so awesome to read how committed he is to his future wife and baby girl! Check it out!

I just have to say how lucky I am to have found my soulmate at 13 years old. I never would have thought we would be where we're at in our lives considering where we came from. It's amazing to have not just found a an amazingly beautiful woman to share my life with, but my best friend in the passenger seat on this crazy ride through life. I can't wait to grow old with this girl & watch our children grow with her. Everyone deserves to feel the love we share with each other. Lust gets you into the relationship but it's up to you to CHOOSE to love that person forever. I honestly think that love is a choice you make...I choose to put Catelynn's needs above my wants, I choose to sacrifice for her, I choose to always protect her, I choose to honor her, I choose to uplift her, I choose to put my life on the line to save hers, & I choose to never give up on her. Love isn't easy sometimes...love isn't like the movies...love is about sacrifice & dedication and I CHOOSE to sacrifice & dedicate the rest of my life to this amazing woman & I wouldn't have it any other way @catelynnmtv #MyBabe #Almost10YearsStrongNow #MyForever

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OMG, you guys! Could these two get any cuter?? As one fan pointed out, these lovebirds are an inspiration for couples young and old!

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Tyler continues to blow us away with his devotion to his family. It's wonderful to see that a young man who had a challenging childhood is taking his own family so seriously. 

This message is one that's sure to have plenty of other teen moms -- and moms in general -- wishing their guys were as special as Tyler.

What do you think of Tyler's message? 


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