Leah Calvert Puts Jeremy Calvert in His Place & It's Totally Epic!


Leah Calvert

Nothing quite says, "I don't care about you anymore so why don't you just disappear ..." like taking the high road in a disagreement, and based on Leah Calvert's response to Jeremy's insult to her on Twitter? It's perfectly clear that she is the bigger person in terms of who is handling their reported divorce more maturely.


After Jeremy retweeted a post about Leah not deserving child support because she's a "cheatin' ho," no one would have blamed Leah for flying off the handle and putting him in his place -- especially since the well being of her daughter kind of makes child support a necessity. (Duh.)

But instead, Leah hit Jeremy right where it hurts in a much more practical way.


Don't ya love it? Without coming right out and saying it, Leah just basically told Jeremy to take his holier than thou attitude and shove it where the sun don't shine.

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I'm sure there are plenty of more colorful statements she would've liked to throw his way, but by refusing to put any more negativity about their relationship on social media, she just reinstated his title of being the resident bad guy in this equation.

And while the exchange of emotional words between them might be far from over, at least for now, Leah seems to be handling this new chapter in her life ok, or at least that's how the rest of us are perceiving her state of mind.

The end of a marriage is never easy, but being able to see the silver lining and move on is certainly a start as far as finally being happy again goes.

Do you think Leah took the high road?


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