'Teen Mom OG' Recap: Maci Bookout Quits While Baby Nova Finally Arrives

maci bookout teen mom ogOne Teen Mom returns and another leaves. As we found out on last week's episode of Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham is back! And not everyone is happy about her reappearance. Especially not co-star Maci Bookout, who immediately quit the show upon hearing the news.


At the beginning of tonight's episode, we saw as producers approached each of the stars -- Maci, Catelynn Lowell, and Amber Portwood -- and made the announcement. Catelynn says she "knew it," Amber though Farrah shouldn't have been taken off in the first place, and Maci stopped filming on cue.

"As far as I'm concerned, you guys can leave now," she told producers and the camera crew. "This is over. I mean, I'm done."

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And just like that, we didn't see her again for the entirety of the episode. Ryan continued to film, but Maci pulled Bentley out of any possible filming at Ryan's parents' house, and as far as we can tell, the Nashville redhead has completely rid herself of the show and her co-star.

Meanwhile, Farrah is back on the scene. She has a new boyfriend, is getting her botched lip implants fixed, and is dealing with a whole new set of drama with her parents. Her dad, Michael, is still around, and mom Debra is living in Seattle. But not for long, it seems. Debra brings up the idea of moving down to Austin to be closer to Farrah and Sophia, but the news is not well-received.

Not only does Debra ask for more than $8,000 to get a face lift, but she floats around the idea of living with Farrah when she first moves to Texas. But that's cut quickly, and for now, Farrah is not looking for an extra roommate.

Just like Farrah, Amber has a brand new man in her life. Matt, who she met on Twitter, just moved down to Indiana -- surprise, he sold his apartment! He's a DJ, an ex-addict, and 19 years older than Amber. But she and Leah welcome him in, and from the looks of things, he has another friend in Anderson -- Gary.

That's right. Leah's dad actually has a sit-down conversation with Matt about his communication with Amber, and all seems to go well. Things seem to be on the upward swing for the whole crew.

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And speaking of new additions, Catelynn and Tyler finally welcome their baby girl. That's right, Nova Reign is here! In the days and weeks leading up to her birth, Catelynn learns that she has gestational diabetes and takes major charge of her health.

While at their baby shower, she continues to check her blood sugar, and Tyler's right there making sure that she's growing healthily. But before we know it, Nova decides to make her appearance.

With the whole crew in tow -- Tyler's mom, Catelynn's parents, and even Butch calls in -- the couple heads to the hospital and the little one arrives. We only get a snippet of her first day back at home, but with the season still underway, it looks like we'll get plenty more peeks at the latest MTV family member.

Are you surprised that Maci left the show?


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