Jeremy Calvert's Latest Insult to Leah Calvert Is As Low As It Gets

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Ugh. Could things possibly get any worse for Leah Calvert these days? (Wait, don't answer that.) Between Jeremy Calvert reportedly filing for divorce and the rumors swirling around saying that she's getting ready to head to rehab, poor Leah definitely has all the stress she can handle in her life.


But if Jeremy's Twitter feed is any indication, it sounds like her real troubles haven't even begun yet, at least as far as how the (alleged) divorce will proceed and how the final settlement will work out.

While Jeremy didn't come right out and say that he still believes Leah cheated with Robbie Kidd, the fact that he retweeted the following post without any hesitation pretty much sums up his feelings about his estranged wife.


Um, excuse me? Did he basically just a.) call Leah a filthy name, and b.) reveal that he has no plans to support his own child, presumably out of spite for her?

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Regardless of whatever happened between Leah and Jeremy to lead to the demise of their marriage, they do share a daughter together, and if he truly has his priorities straight and wants to make sure that Addie is taken care of, he'll put his negative feelings towards Leah aside and step up to the plate.

Surely the last thing he wants to be known as is a deadbeat dad, so hopefully once he calms down and gets over his anger, he'll come to his senses and realize that he and Leah need to at least be civil to one another for the sake of not only their daughter, but also Leah's twin girls who have come to know and love Jeremy as their stepdad.

Poor Leah. The black cloud looming over her head just won't seem to go away. Let's hope at some point in the near future, she can finally breathe a little easier.

Do you think Jeremy is being unreasonable?


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