Farrah Abraham's Latest Career Move Is Totally Over-the-Top

Is there anything Farrah Abraham can't do? Reality star, porn star, erotic novelist, frozen yogurt entrepreneur, sex toy peddler, horror movie actress, wannabe plastic surgeon ... and now real estate developer? Yup, Farrah took to Twitter recently to disclose that she's gotten into the world of real estate.


Her new company is apparently called Reality Management, and while we're not sure exactly what they do, they're doing well, according to the Teen Mom OG star. Check it out:

Because all professionals say "2see" and use a bajillion hashtags. (Not.)

Of course it's possible that this is all to give her new realtor boyfriend Simon Saran something to do when he isn't following her around and telling her she's pretty, but Farrah insists it's legit. And she's passionately helping the economy, y'all. 

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She opened up about it to Wetpaint Entertainment on a press tour recently, and said, "I'm focusing on real estate and wealth management now ... I enjoy that so I'm helping the economy in different ways and building things out and renovating things that the world has let go, and I'm kind of passionate about that right now."

No word on whether or not her plans to become the top plastic surgeon in the world have been put on the back burner. How does she find the time?

What do you think of Farrah's latest business venture?


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