Mackenzie Douthit's 'Response' to Divorce Rumors Says It All

Mackenzie Douthit and Josh McKee may have been mad as blazes at each other recently, when he went out hog hunting and she totaled their brand new, un-insured SUV, but it looks like the two aren't headed to divorce court over it.


After crashing their SUV, the Teen Mom 3 star told TMZ, "I was actually searching for my rotten husband who I couldn't find. I don't know if I was just not driving good because of my blood sugars, or I was mad at Josh."

Which of course led us to speculate (along with some anonymous sources) that Josh was even madder, and wanted out of the marriage. A man's got to hunt hogs, after all.

But things seem totally normal over in the McKee household! Neither Josh nor Mackenzie has publicly acknowledged the split rumors, but usually you can tell when things are off. Thanks to social media, we can expect certain things during a breakup -- super sad selfies, tragic quotes about love and loss, talks of starting over, etc. None of that is the case over here.

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In fact, Mackenzie's been working out a ton (as usual) in her quest to become She-Ra a fitness model, and took to Twitter on Wednesday night to share the latest pic of her progress.

Holy abs, Batman! Can you believe how chiseled she is? Plus, did you notice her sweatpants? They say, "Go Hogs," and I'm guessing she wouldn't be wearing them if she were upset at the wild hogs that may have broken up her marriage.

That, and she also tweeted something mundane about what Josh and the kids eat compared to her super healthy, diabetes-focused diet. Hardly the stuff you'd talk about if you were in the midst of separating.

Do you think Josh and Mackenzie are doing just fine?


Image via Mackenzie McKee/Instagram

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