Leah Calvert's Rehab Drama Takes Another Unfortunate Turn

Leah Calvert

Ugh. Just when we thought the speculation over her heading to rehab was nothing more than a nasty rumor, now a new report from In Touch is suggesting that Leah Calvert will enter treatment next week, and apparently she'll even make some sort of announcement about it before departing her home state of West Virginia.


Until the week of April 27th rolls around, an insider says, "Her family is begging her to hold it together until then."

Huh. Really? They're really "begging" her to "hold it together?" Doesn't something seem a little bit off, here?

If you recall, earlier this week, Leah's mom released a statement on Facebook insisting that her daughter is not a.) on drugs, and b.) heading into a drug rehab treatment program, and she also promised that the truth would be revealed in due time.

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But while she did insist that Leah is not going to drug rehab, she didn't come right out and deny that she's planning on attending some sort of therapy program, so there's always the chance that Leah could be going into intensive counseling, or something.

And if that's the case? Um, who can really blame the poor woman? Between the custody battle she had to endure with her ex, Corey Simms, coupled with the numerous rumors suggesting that she and Jeremy are headed for divorce, it wouldn't be a huge shocker if she needs a little time away to de-stress and work through her troubles.

Perhaps people are just assuming she's headed into a drug rehab program instead of considering the possibility that she could seek help for other reasons?

Let's give the gal a break, for crying out loud. And if she does come out and reveal that she's taking a hiatus and heading into therapy? It's certainly nothing to be ashamed of, so why don't we all support her and cheer her on instead of jumping to conclusions about her "addiction?" 


Do you think Leah is headed to drug rehab?


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