Hilarious Video Takes Aim at Hollywood's Insulting Treatment of Women Over 40

amy schumer last f**kable dayAmy Schumer is all anyone can talk about today, and not just because the actress and comedian threw herself at the feet of Kim Kardashian and Kanye on the red carpet yesterday. It's because her Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer, is exposing the ugly truth about women in Hollywood.


That they're funny! Oh wait, no not that.

It's about Hollywood's double standard about the sexiness of older women compared with older men.

For a sketch titled "Last F**kable Day" Schumer she gathered some funny gal pals: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tina Fey, and Patricia Arquette. Quick, what do all three of those women have in common? Oh yes, they're OLD. Louis-Dreyfus is 54, Arquette is 47, and Fey is 44. And as far as the media is concerned, Louis-Dreyfus is officially too old for viewers to believe anyone would ever want to have sex with her. (The other two are dangerously close.)

Once an actress passes her expiration date, it's all long-sleeved sweaters from wardrobe, movies with titles like "Whatever It Takes" or "She Means Well," roles where you're competing for Jack Nicholson's affections, movie posters that don't feature your old lady face, and auditioning for Mrs. Claus. Arquette jokes that they're remaking Boyhood with Selena Gomez playing her role.

Schumer naively asks about men's last f**kable day and the others just laugh because we all know why: Ain't no such thing.

Okay, obviously the joke is that all of these women are still quite f**kable, especially Louis-Dreyfus, who is way hotter now than she was in her Seinfeld days, IMHO.

But whether you're 23 or you're (ahem) my age, this double standard sucks. And it's especially painful the older you get, as you see actresses near your age drop out of the entertainment biz, or start playing frumpy, sexless roles. That's because Hollywood serves as a mirror or our own lives -- past, present and future. We will all be Louis-Dreyfus' age sooner or later. Will we still consider ourselves f**kable? Will other people? Who gets to decide? Can't I decide that for myself?

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Anyway, have a bitter laugh along with me, ladies. This video is the bomb. The truth bomb, that is.

Warning: NSFW language.

Do you ever think about your favorite actresses "aging out" of Hollywood and getting replaced by younger and younger women? No? Oh, because you're 22 and immortal? Yeah, you just wait.


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