Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Finally Reunite With Carly & Her Parents

All's well that ends well! The feud between Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell and Carly's adoptive parents finally came to a close on Monday night's episode of Teen Mom OG. The couples reunited in an emotional scene, and Cate and Ty got to see their firstborn for the first time in over a year.


Tensions flared earlier in the season, when Brandon and Teresa Davis reprimanded Tyler for sharing photos of Carly on social media, because they are trying to raise her as out of the spotlight as possible. Tyler wanted her to be a face for open adoption, to highlight to other teen parents that they do have options.

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Of course Catelynn was upset by the fight, and worried that the Davises would cut off their contact with Carly. As the couples met in the Davis family's North Carolina home, Brandon was quick to reassure them that that isn't on the table at the moment.

"It would take a lot for that to happen, so let's be clear and open about that," he said.

Tyler humbly admitted, "There's nothing we could say to you to say how much we appreciate you allowing us in her life."

After they got things squared away, it was time for a reunion with Carly, with her face kept off-camera, of course. Talk about emotional! And Teresa told Cate that she would love Carly's biological little sister too, which made her so happy.

At the time of the filming, Catelynn was still pregnant with Novalee Reign, and the Davises gave her the best baby gift she could have ever dreamed of. She got some of Carly's hand-me-downs, including some clothes and a doll. When the episode aired, Cate live-tweeted:

It's obvious that Brandon and Teresa want to make sure that the reality stars get their updates and visits with Carly, and care about them deeply. Every relationship is going to have its ups and downs, especially one as complicated this.

Catelynn recently confessed in an interview with OKMagazine, "We're trying to be open and honest with each other ... but adoption is a work in progress all the time. It's going to be smooth for a while, then you're going to hit a bump and try to work through that."

Wise words, sistah.

Did you cry when Ty and Cate got to see Carly again?


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