New 'Bachelorette' Promo Shows Kaitlyn Bristowe Breaking Down in Tears (VIDEO)

kaitlyn britt bacheloretteIf your reaction to Chris Harrison's shocking announcement about the 11th season of The Bachelorette was utter shock and dismay, you are SO not alone, girl. Ever since that mindboggling moment, we've all been wondering WTH ABC is thinking pitting Kaitlyn against Britt. And we've also been trying to wrap our heads around what a season with two bachelorettes will actually look like!


Well, now we finally have some answers. Okay, maybe even more questions, too! (Namely surrounding a CUPCAKE with wheels. Yes, really.) But at least, this gasp-worthy new promo makes it clear how the franchise plans to handle all those roses this season ...

Poor Kaitlyn! The waterworks are obviously starting early on, and I'm not surprised. Though we can't be 100 percent certain, she's clearly upset, because the twist is likely that the men present in the house that first night will vote who gets to stay on as THE bachelorette this season. And of course this is unlike any other season in the show's history, and it's friggin' humiliating, sexist, and wrong. Ugh.

That said, it's very clearly going to be a wild ride, so Bachelor Nation really has no choice but to tune in to see how all the dramz is gonna play out.

Do you agree that's why Kaitlyn's crying? How do you feel about the way they're starting the season out?



Image via ABC


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