New 'Bachelor in Paradise' Casting Rumor Is Almost Too Good to Be True

Bachelor in Paradise cast

Even though we have the upcoming season of The Bachelorette to look forward to when it premieres in May, we certainly can't help but anticipate the return of Bachelor in Paradise this summer, you know, because it's about as guilty as guilty reality TV pleasures get.


What could be more entertaining than reuniting a bunch of past Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants in the hopes that they'll a.) make out, b.) stab each other in the back, and c.) yell, kick, scream, cry, and everything in between while competing for the affections of their fellow cast members?

And as far as who will make up the roster for the second season of Bachelor in Paradise? We're in luck -- because the rumors about who will show up on "set" just keep getting better and better.

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Initial reports indicated that everyone's favorite honorary Kardashian, Ashley Iaconetti, will be heading to paradise for a second chance at love.

But get this one, supposedly there's a decent chance that Andi Dorfman and ex Josh Murray will be on the show, in an effort to create a love triangle of sorts, given the rumors insisting that Josh and Ashley are somewhat of an item these days.

OMG. Is this the best thing you've heard all week (so far), or what?

Nothing quite says addicting television like exes not only reuniting on camera, but throwing another woman into the mix to give the other a run for her money.

Of course, given Andi's strong personality, something tells me she'll have no problem giving Josh a taste of his own medicine, as far as hooking up with another dude on the show right in front of him goes.

Hmm. Who should they bring back to throw Josh into a fit of jealous rage? Nick Viall? Nah. Too obvious. Ooo! How about Chris Bukowski? He strikes me as the type of guy who is up for the challenge. Or maybe ABC should really go out on a limb and give Juan Pablo a ticket to paradise simply for the sake of having two men in the cast who are experts at making Andi give them the evil eye. Staaahhhhp.

Wait a second -- I probably shouldn't get ahead of myself. Let's just hope the rumor about both Andi and Josh being on the show is true first before getting all excited about the drama that will ensue. But if they are? Oh man, it's gonna be good, people.

Would you like to see Andi and Josh on Bachelor in Paradise?


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