Jenelle Evans Worries About Nathan Griffith's New Girlfriend Around Kaiser

It seems like it was only just a few short months ago that Nathan Griffith popped the question to his baby mama Jenelle Evans, and she said yes. Oh wait, it was -- just this past January. As if there were any doubt that these two have called it quits for good, it appears that Nathan already has a new girlfriend, and Jenelle is not pleased about it.


Jenelle and Nathan have been issued a no-contact order from the court, following his arrest on March 4 for domestic violence against Jenelle, when he allegedly pinned her to the toilet and forcibly removed her engagement ring.

They have a third party acting as a transfer for their son Kaiser, because it seems as though Nate is spending time with him too these days. And his new girlfriend, who Jenelle had no problem throwing shade at on social media.

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On Sunday, April 19, Jenelle posted on Facebook, "Introducing some random chick to our son? Wow that was fast." Then in the comments, she added, "He can focus on some piece of meat and I'll focus on being a mother to my amazing boys and school."

Holy crap, he moved on awfully fast for someone who was engaged just weeks ago! Although it's likely that this chick was his piece-on-the-side for God knows how long before he and Jenelle called it quits.

The Teen Mom 2 star returned to Facebook on Monday, with this sentiment: "Homewrecking at its finest, and U said u found urself a Christian ?! Wow. Im not going to blast U too badly Cuz u kno what U did but damn."

Nate did recently tweet about going to church for the first time in years, but was it with his new girlfriend? The whole thing seems really weird, and no matter what religion, we don't blame Jenelle a bit for being upset that Nate moved on so quickly, and especially for bringing a new girlfriend around their son.

Do you think Nathan is wrong bringing a new lady around Kaiser so soon after he and Jenelle broke up?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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