'Teen Mom OG' Recap: Farrah Abraham's Return Is Exactly What We Expected

farrah abrahamIt's the moment we've all been dreading eagerly awaiting. Farrah's back, y'all! And she's just the same as before. After a summer-long will-she-won't-she battle over her return to Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham has finally re-joined the cast of the show that first made her famous. And it all went down exactly as we thought it would.


 Producers saved this juicy tidbit for last in tonight's episode but among adoption conversations, pregnancy announcements, and some much-needed closure, it was one of the most dramatic parts of the show.

The crew showed up at Farrah's Texas house and though we can't possibly gauge the home's temperature from our sofas, it's pretty clear that the whole encounter was icy cold.

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When producers asked Farrah to re-introduce herself to the cameras and explain to the viewers why, and under what circumstances, she's returning to the show, she flat-out refused. Mom Debra and dad Michael were both present, as was Sophia, but the teen mom/adult film actress/erotic novel writer was not having it. And in just a few minutes of footage, we were able to see what producer Heather perfectly described as "that was a fantastic 'welcome back.' That was Farrah Abraham style."

We couldn't have said it better.

Meanwhile, with the rest of the cast still unaware that Farrah had rejoined the squad, they all went about their merry way. Caitlynn and Tyler finally met with Brandon and Teresa and voiced their concerns about their open adoption rules. While Carly's adoptive parents are insistent that they don't want any photos or videos of their daughter on social media -- unless they've approved it -- Tyler wants to make sure that they understand the birth parents' struggles.

And in an intimate and heart-wrenching sit-down, both couples prove one thing: Adoption means grief for every party involved. But by working together, and openly communicating, they seem to have squashed any ill feelings and reservations.

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Plus, in an absolutely beautiful moment, they finally got to see their daughter -- though, off camera. She's talkative, has a gorgeous bouncy pony tail and loves her some Elsa. And, even better, at the end of the trip, Carly's adoptive parents gave Cate and Tyler some of Carly's old baby stuff for Nova. Full circle, hello!

While Nova's parents were getting much-needed understanding, Amber was also in search of some necessary closure. Ever since Gary announced that he's expecting a child with his girlfriend, he continued to send Amber mixed signals, would flirt non-stop, and even alluded to the fact that there is still a chance for them to get back together.

But brave Amber shot that down. Real quick. Even Kristina (Gary's girlfriend and baby mama) pointed out that his actions and words are not healthy and don't give her or Amber much encouragement. What these ladies ever saw in the guy, we'll never know.

Finally, Maci Bookout continues her baby announcement tour back in Tennessee. This episode, it was time to tell Ryan and his parents, who she affectionately calls her "second parents." Everyone seems shocked at the news, and (hilariously), Ryan just wishes Taylor "good luck." Amazing.

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But when he gets home and tells his mom about his ex-fiance's news, we finally see the guy speak more than seven words in an episode. He's articulate, happy for Maci, and thinks it'll be a good change for Bentley as well. However, things are not as peachy keen on his own romantic life. He and Shelby have officially called it quits, and even though they still talk, he's moving out of the apartment.

Then, of course, he storms off. Because it wouldn't be a Teen Mom episode without a dramatic exit from Maci's baby daddy.

What did you think of Farrah's return?



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