Catelynn Lowell Pierced Baby Nova's Ears Already (VIDEO)

Catelynn Lowell took to Instagram over the weekend to share a totally adorable video of baby Novalee smiling and cooing away with love in her eyes for her mama, but we couldn't help but notice her new bling! Catelynn got Nova's ears pierced!


We're betting that Tyler Baltierra thinks his little princess deserves to be as sparkly as possibly, and new earrings are just one more way to spoil her rotten.

Take a look at the vid, and try not to melt on the floor into a puddle over the adorableness!

She loves her momma ��

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Nova looks cute as a button, and fans seem to be surprisingly on board with the new look! Infant ear-piercing has long been a controversial topic, because of the pain issues, and also because some parents believe that getting ears pierced should be a right of passage.

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But the comments on the Instagram video seem to be totally positive! Of course Ty and Cate are fan favorites in the Teen Mom franchise, having navigated the waters of being birth parents who gave their firstborn to adoption.

It's so awesome to watch Tyler and Catelynn raise their own child this time, and make all those parenting decisions they gave to Carly's adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa Davis. We're glad the fans are supportive.

How do you feel about infant ear piercing?


Image via Catelynn Lowell/Instagram

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