Amber Portwood Shares Devastating News About Her Fiance Matt Baier

Oh no! Just when everything seemed to be coming up roses for Amber Portwood, the Teen Mom OG star took to Twitter to share some devastating news about her love life. Apparently, her fiance Matt Baier cheated on her!


We were wary when Amber and Matt started dating last year. Not only do they have a 19-year age difference (she's 24, he's 43), they seemed to be taking things rather quickly, with matching wrist tattoos, and her named scrawled across his forearm. But as time went on and we saw them together, they seemed like an adorable couple, and couldn't have been happier for her. 

Over the weekend, Amber tweeted to her followers, "Every man I give my heart to uses me and cheats on me," while tagging Matt's Twitter handle. The tweet has since been deleted, but the Internet is forever, people.

Plus there's this one she sent shortly after revealing that Matt had strayed:

Oh man, trying to work things out? This girl must be completely in love to give her fiance a second chance! Of course we can't know exactly what Amber meant when she said he "cheated" on her. Every lady has a different definition of what constitutes cheating, and it can be anything from getting a bit too flirtatious to a full-blown affair. But still, it's never fun to feel like the trust in a relationship has been broken.

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Still no word on when a wedding might occur, or if this has pushed back the big day indefinitely. Amber said at the beginning of this year that they're still getting to know each other better before making any final commitments.

"We're expecting between a year or so, we want to get married," Amber told Wetpaint Entertainment. "Right now, we're living together, we're trying everything out, we're seeing how we are. We learn something about each other every day, and we want to make sure everything is smooth before we really jump the gun and actually make it official."

Best of luck to Amber, and hopefully Matt will show her that he really is trustworthy. After everything she's been through, this girl deserves some happy.

Do you think Amber should stay with Matt if he cheated on her?


Image via Amber Portwood/Twitter

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