Jenelle Evans' Sweet Post for Nathan Griffith Makes Us Question Everything

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith seems to be done for good these days, what with his arrest for domestic violence against her, and the fact that they reportedly haven't spoken in over a month, thanks to a judge's no-contact order. But Jenelle posted a sweet photo of Nate and Kai to her social media on Friday, April 17, and now we're as confused as heck.


Check out this throwback pic Jenelle shared and see if it makes you as confused as it as us:

Like father like son, old pic I found. Adorable! �

A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans8209) on

What does it even mean? Are they back together? Does she want to be back together? Is she pining over him even though he allegedly cheated on her and then physically pinned her to the toilet and pried her engagement ring off her finger?

None of those allegations have been proved, but you know something intense happened between them if there's a court-issued no-contact order in place.

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As far as we know, Nathan hasn't seen his baby son in over a month, as Jenelle seems to have full custody of him at the moment. Maybe the Teen Mom 2 star just felt bad that Kai hasn't seen his dad in so long and wanted to share something sweet to let him know that despite what happens between them, she still wants him to be an active part of Kaiser's life?

It's all just ... so confusing. Especially when you consider this tweet she posted several hours after the photo:

I don't know about you, but it definitely sounds like she wants him back to me.

What do you make of Jenelle's weird social media posts about Nathan?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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