Farrah Abraham Shouldn't Ignore the Abuse Charges Against Her Boyfriend​

Uh-oh. There might be trouble in paradise. Farrah Abraham has been gushing all over the place about her fabulous new boyfriend Simon Saran, but it turns out this dreamboat might have an abusive past.


In 2011, an ex-girlfriend filed a restraining order against Saran, about eight months after they broke up. She alleged that he abused her emotionally, and demonstrated violent tendencies, like flipping a table over in front of her and her friends while screaming obscenities at them.

Some pretty scary stuff! He filed back saying that she was the abusive one, and accused her of stabbing him in the chest area with a pen. Whatever happened between those two, it obviously wasn't pretty.

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So how is Farrah dealing with this sordid bit of information from her lover's past? Simple! She's not.

When asked about it, the reality star told Perez Hilton, "His ex-girlfriend's been saying bad things about him? Directly from her? Or was that some report that somebody dug up? I don't know what you're talking about, so if we don't know I guess we shouldn't talk about it."

She added, "[My] relationship is fine," and, "I can't clear up anything because I don't I even know what's being said to me. There's nothing to clear up."

Um ... she might want to clear up the reports that her boyfriend was abusive to a past girlfriend, especially considering her 5-year-old daughter Sophia. You know, that.

But Farrah obviously lives in her own version of reality, even when insisting that we're the outlandish and cray cray ones. She said, "I'm only worried about what's happening in reality. In reality land, in real life, life is good and none of that has been found to be true. So who knows what the hell we're reading."

She may not want to face it, but it's something she shouldn't ignore. 

Do you think Farrah is being delusional when it comes to her new boyfriend?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Instagram

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