Kailyn Lowry Has the Perfect Response to Homophobic Tweet​

Kailyn Lowry has been a long-standing advocate for gay rights, and she will go to bat for anyone who tries to disparage the LGBT community. She did it again this week, after someone tweeted about "gays" and "their nasty stuff."


The Teen Mom 2 star couldn't let it slide when she saw Loran Mituro bash gay people on her social media. The self-described "world class boxer" and "celebrity personal trainer" wrote, "Look people I'm not saying gays are bad people. just saying it's awful to have them throw their nasty stuff in our faces. I don't agree #gay."

What the...?

Kail jumped on it immediately and questioned Mituro's validity. "Their nasty stuff? Ok, ms. Celebrity trainer, let me ask around & see how many celebs would go to you," she responded.

She wasn't alone in how she felt either. Another follower, Real Mr. Housewife, responded to Kail and said, "These comments are so disgusting. Thanks for the #LGBT support, Kailyn!"

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The mom of two did the classy thing and brushed the hater off.

Back in 2012, Kail made it known that she was incredulous over North Carolina's decision to ban same-sex marriage. "It's 2012 & we're really banning same-sex marriages?" When people accused her of putting down North Carolinans, she said, "I'm atheist, I believe in gay rights & I KNOW I'm a good mom. #judgeme This is 2012, #acceptdiversityalready!"

Way to go Kail! Everyone has a right to be heard, and everyone has a right to be respected. And this woman will not take your crap if you put down the LGBT community by commenting on "their nasty stuff."

Do you think Kailyn did the right thing?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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