Andi Dorfman's Life-Changing Move Is Already SO Much Better Than Marrying Josh​

andi dorfman with mom on easter sundayWhile Bachelor Nation revs up to watch the 11th season of The Bachelorette next month, the last woman to hand out roses is settling in to a whole new life ... sans her ex-fiance. If you hadn't heard, Andi Dorfman's left Georgia behind and is getting her Carrie Bradshaw on (well, and apparently also hosting her dear mama Patti) as a proud new resident of Manhattan's West Village!


Andi chatted with Us this week and, sounding a lot like fellow NYC transplant Taylor Swift, sung the city's praises:

I'm obsessed, I kind of feel like I look like the biggest tourist here because I take pictures everywhere I am, and I actually live here which is the crazy part. I have to literally pinch myself every day, like, 'Oh my God, I'm in New York. I live in New York.' It's awesome, just like the energy. Everything is very clear to me here. I just belong with the energy.

Yep, no doubt a former lawyer who has no trouble tellin' it like it is fits right in on Manhattan's crowded, bustling streets! Still, part of Andi's disbelief has to come from the fact that she's done something of a 180 in such a short time. One minute, she's engaged to marry her beau in the South, and now, she's single and settling into her single gal pad.

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She explained:

I think it's crazy to think that a year ago, where I was, and now, here I am living in New York City. Never would I have thought I would be doing this. But I'm definitely embracing it. ... I'm lucky I found a great place that I love. I hunted that thing down though. I've always lived with somebody, so it's been interesting to kind of design in my own way.

One thing she isn't really unpacking: her career as a lawyer. She's putting that on the backburner (her license is in Georgia, so she'd have to pass the NY bar anyway, which is notoriously tough!) and instead, considering a new career track -- in fashion. Awesome! (Maybe she should chat with former Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock, who recently partnered with dress designer Maggie Sottero for her own line of gowns!)

Whatever she decides to do, it seems like Andi wants to reflect on where she's been and where she's headed in ALL areas of her life. Good for her for taking the time to do that! And something tells me it'll actually serve to set her up for bigger and better things ahead. (Sorry, Josh.)

What do you think about Andi's 180?



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